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Benefits of immigration in canada - Essay Example

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Many of them desire to migrate to Canada. This is because Canada is well known for its incredible resources, colossal geography, well maintained health care,…
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Benefits of immigration in canada
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Extract of sample "Benefits of immigration in canada"

Benefits of Immigration to Canada Many people wish to settle down in some other country than their homeland to earn bread and butter for their families. Many of them desire to migrate to Canada. This is because Canada is well known for its incredible resources, colossal geography, well maintained health care, and abundant opportunities for education and employment. There are many benefits attached to immigration to Canada. This paper focuses on the fact that immigration to Canada is beneficial, both for the immigrants and the country.
First of all, Canada is a country which provides protection to its citizens much more than any other country. We can call it a safe country. One feels comfortable in any part of the country without the threat of terrorism or violence. People are guaranteed protection even in bigger cities like Ottawa and Toronto. They do not feel as if they are being neglected because they are not in their own homeland. There is Canadian social help system which does not make you feel unaccompanied when you are facing difficulties settling down. There are a lot of government sponsored programs and courses that support you in your hard times. For example, if you lose your job, you will be supported through a government funded program to back up your finances until you find a new job.
Canada is one of the developed countries whose economical infrastructure is very strong. One can be sure to find a suitable paying job in this country. Most of the jobs are well rewarding making one feel comfortable with one’s life in Canada. Even if one’s family is not living in Canada, one can fully support them through the Canadian job income. Moreover, there are loving and caring communities in Canada which make your life even more pleasant. Canadian people welcome the immigrants with open arms and make them feel at home. They do not discriminate the immigrants on the basis of language, color, creed and caste. So, the new comers feel secure and protected. “Canada has long sought immigrants to populate the world’s second largest land mass”, write DeParle (2010).
Immigration to Canada is relatively easier than immigration to any other country. You do not have to seek help from Canadian immigration lawyer and place application in case of simple immigration. “Being an immigrant is also no barrier to being a proper Canadian; in parliamentary elections earlier this month, 11% of the people elected were not native” (E.G., 2011). As for the country, the immigrants occupy different occupations thus enhancing the already stable economic system (Wvong, 1997). Those who take admissions in reputed universities come out as educated professionals and get high paying jobs. This also benefits the country’s financial and social structure. Thus, the immigrants also play their part in strengthening the country’s prosperity and social life. This makes a win-win situation both for the immigrants and for the country.
In short, Canada has always proven to be a clam and prosperous country for all those people who wish to migrate to Canada and settle down there to gain higher education or earn their bread and butter for their families and for themselves. The political, financial and social systems are impressive enough to attract the new comers. Canada has always welcomed its immigrants and has provided them ample opportunities of education, health and employment, so that they can improve the quality of their lives. Hence, immigration to Canada is beneficial.
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