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Social Issue - Assignment Example

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SOCIAL POLICY BRIEF Author [Pick the date] Introduction Canada has become one of the most popular destinations for people around the world to move and settle and make a life there. This can be proven by the fact that every one in five persons in Canada is now an immigrant…
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Social Issue
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Download file to see previous pages One of the major issues being faced by immigrants in Canada is that in the labour market. The process the their integration in the labour market in Canada and in particular, in Toronto, has become a challenge not just for the new immigrants but also for the authorities in the city who are assigned with the duty of designing the social policies of the country. The problems while integrating into the Canadian labour market new immigrants face revolve around inadequate language skills and issues with credential recognition. These can be understood by studying the ever increasing gap between labour market outcomes of the new immigrants as compared to the native-born Canadians (Cornelson & Desjardins, 2011). It becomes extremely difficult for the new immigrants and their families to survive without good jobs, especially considering the economic difficulties the world is facing. The inflation is up and maintaining a family while living a normal life has become increasingly difficult. This is not just a big social problem for the new immigrants but also for the Canadian authorities who will be put under questioning when the overall unemployment rate of the country goes high (Ortega & Peri, 2009). The role of immigration and policy makers in Canada becomes all the more important when you consider the implications of the unemployment because of the inability of the immigrants for getting decent jobs. This issue is integral when you think about the long term prosperity and welfare of the Canadians as well as the new immigrants. The situation calls for immediate action and the development of social policies that could help overcome the integration issues new immigrants face when finding employment in the country they have newly moved in. Background Several years ago, the Canadian government discovered that one way to move towards economic prosperity and development was to hire skilled staff from all over the world and have them move to Canada as new immigrants. This was seen as a cheaper and a more productive alternative. The Canadian immigration eased the process of applying for immigration in Canada and this gradually became one of the major reasons why people started moving to the country. Canada went on to become one of the most popular choices for Asians to move and settle as immigrants. The basic idea, from the Canadian government prospective was to recruit and make way for skilled labour around the world so that they could implement their skills and education working with companies and Canada and contribute to the overall economic progress of the company (Cornelson & Desjardins, 2011). In hindsight, this is positively affected the country with economic progress seen evidently over the past few years. However, as the immigration process was extremely easy and it was granted without many problems, the immigrating population started increasing (Alexander, Burleton & Fong, 2012). Too many people started moving to Canada. The process of immigration does not just mean a family or an individual moving and living life from the word goes. He needs to earn live life, support himself and earn money. The individual looks for jobs and while doing so, the real problem arises. Immigrants come from entirely different backgrounds and cultures and that is why they face difficulties in getting jobs. Even if they do manage to land a decent job, they find it difficult to integrate with the new ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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