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Immigrants In Canadian School - Research Paper Example

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The research paper presents literature attempting to outline debates and works of literature about the education levels, achievements, language learning of immigrant students, their rights of cultural and religious expressions and parental involvement in Canada. …
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Immigrants In Canadian School
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Extract of sample "Immigrants In Canadian School"

Download file to see previous pages The research conducted by Ladky and Peterson (2008) has highlighted that there are successful school practices for both formal and informal immigrant parent involvement in their children’s school learning and academic performance, for communicating with immigrant parents and also for learning more about the languages and culture of their students and their families. Their research has suggested that there is a gap between the language of home and school and it remains to be a barrier to successful communication partnership. Parents, teachers, and principals should find ways to utilize mother tongue in ways that can support student’s English learning.
Almost all of the interviewed new immigrant parents had very clear expectations that regular homework should be assigned by their child’s teacher as they value homework as means of understanding whether their child is accomplishing the targets in the school days (Ladky and Peterson, 2008, p. 85).
In conclusion, the first generation immigrants are relatively less performing whereas the second generation is better performing than the native peers. Canada is a country built on multiculturalism ideology and therefore everyone in Canada has rights to believe in any religious, take pride of it, celebrate events etc, and same is the case with the school as well. Even though there are instances of misunderstanding between parents and teachers, the majority of immigrant parents are highly involved in school events in order to facilitate better communication. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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