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See Order Instructions Please - Essay Example

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The following essay presents an application for a scholarship program. The author of the essay states that this essay outlines the aspirations in life after clearing the author's current senior level and goes ahead to indicate how the author intends to realize the life goals. …
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See Order Instructions Please
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Personal ment My is Chelsea Stephenson and currently enrolled in a senior program after which I anticipate joining an institution that suits my ambitions. This essay outlines my aspirations in life after clearing my current senior level. It goes ahead to indicate how I intend to realize my life goals through appropriate utilization of the scholarship.
I am convinced that my life is going to be a successful one after identifying my life objectives and means of achieving them through scholarship program at Sterling College. After researching on the potential institutions that would help in realizing my career ambitions, I settled on the Sterling College, a Kansas-based Christian college. The ideology and philosophy propagated by this institution is in tandem with my aspirations of upholding Christian values in all aspects of life. For my case, I intend to uphold the Kingdom values by pursuing a career in the field of medicine, with specialization in pediatric cancer cases. Therefore, I plan to study biology, pre-medicine and a minor in music on my way to the realization of these ambitions. With my good GPA grade of 3.8 thus far, I am considering study in any field of biology like marine ecology and zoology as the second option.
Apart from concentrating on academics associated with this scholarship, I anticipate an exciting extracurricular life, especially on games and music. This is in line with my previous life where I have been involved in playing volleyball for 4 years, singing for six years in which four was spent on Honor Choir and two as a Sound master. I also consider the contribution to the community as pivotal in the life of a Christian like me. This is evident in my previous involvement, in community service where I participated for two years in Sing station, a community singing group, three years in Loaves and Fishes, a group that delivers food to shut-ins and four years in Church Youth Group.
I learnt about the availability of this scholarship with great excitement because I consider it as one of the critical factors in the realization of the aforementioned career dreams articulated. If granted this scholarship, I will ensure that I reap the most out of it by exploring both scholarly and religious opportunities availed by its generosity. I will use the funds to offset my tuition fees, meet accommodation requirements and acquire necessary material that ensures a successful, accomplished life as a student at Sterling College. Read More
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(See Order Instructions Please Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
See Order Instructions Please Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“See Order Instructions Please Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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