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Researchers: methodology review form - Essay Example

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RESEARCHERS: Methodology Review Form Section 1. Research Problem, Significance, Question(s), Title 1.1 Research Problem State the research problem your study will investigate, including its background. See Instructions. The research problem is to establish a correlation between CSR and actual business performance…
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Researchers: methodology review form
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Download file to see previous pages Typically, the purpose is to contribute to knowledge and solve the research problem. See Instructions. The key purpose of this study will be to ascertain the existence of any correlation, either positive or negative, between CSR and actual business performance. The study equally seeks to establish and define any existing trends for measuring business performance in relation to existing strategy. It is also the purposes of this research to establish the impact of CSR on business performance focusing on key performance indicators which include market value, revenue and shareholder value. The study will as well have the purpose of establishing the approaches for effectively measuring the impact of CSR on business performance. 1.3 Significance of the Problem. Describe the significance of your study’s investigation of the research problem. Include a statement of the study’s particular significance to the field of Organization and Management. See Instructions. With a clear understanding on actual effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on an organization’s performance, companies will accurately spend their resources on CSR activities that yield optimal results. Establishing this correlation will also help in instituting CSR as core business strategy, for any organization seeking improved performance (Kaufmann & Olaru, 2012).Since the act of Corporate Social Responsibility has a direct impact on the society, this study, to a larger extent, will increase the participation of companies in community betterment projects through CSR. 1.4 Research Question Write out your research question. If there are sub-questions or more than one, number them accordingly. See Instructions. (1)Is there a significant positive correlation between Corporate Social Responsibility and actual business performance? (2)Are there existing trends of measuring business performance in relation to strategy and are the key indicators of business performance valid? (3)Does Corporate Social Responsibility, directly or indirectly, affect key indicators of business performance including shareholder value, market value and revenue directly or indirect? (4)Are the approaches used in measuring the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on actual business performance effective? 1.5 Hypotheses For each quantitative question and sub-question (sub-Q), list hypotheses for their investigation. Give nulls and alternates for each sub-Q. See Instructions. The research hypothesis (H1) is: Corporate Social Responsibility has an effect on a company’s overall performance while the null hypothesis (Ho) is that there is no relationship between CSR and performance. H1: µ (CSR) > ? (Profits) H0: µ (CSR) =< ? (Profits) 1.6 Method overview Briefly describe the methodologies and methods (data collection, statistical models, and analysis) that will be used to conduct the study. The analysis and interpretation of data will be guided by the research objectives. Objective two three and four will be analyzed using descriptive statistics of frequencies and percentages and weighted mean, while objective one will be analyzed using inferential statistics of Pearson correlation since it helps in determining the relationship between the dependent and independent variables under study. 1.7 Dissertation Title Do not write the title until Items 1.1-1.6 are complete. See Instructions. Corporate Social Responsibility and how that impact business performa ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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