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Quanttitative Social - Research Paper Example

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The research question asked in this proposal is how marijuana affects drivers. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive chemical present in marijuana. The effect of THC is quite different from that of alcohol. Marijuana users are highly aware of their impairment because they feel "high", and to compensate for this some of them try to drive more cautiously…
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Quanttitative Social Research
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Download file to see previous pages Marijuana legalization is a big issue where society is supporting or arguing against it. When the driver smokes marijuana, the THC goes into the blood rapidly and the smoker remains high for an hour or so (Jones, Holmgren & Kugelberg, 2008, pp. 452-461). When the driver mixes marijuana with food it takes a long time for it to be digested and absorbed into the blood. Consequently, the user remains high for approximately twelve hours. Clearing the user's blood of THC takes one month. Additionally, marijuana has been ranked fourth after caffeine, alcohol and nicotine as the world's most widely used. Most people believe that the bad effects of marijuana outnumber its benefits.
According to the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF), 1.5 percent of drivers who were surveyed in the Road Safety Monitor of 2002 had used marijuana two hours prior to taking the wheel (Kelly, Darke & Ross, 2009, pp. 319-344). The survey discovered that young men are the most likely to drive after using marijuana and other illegal drugs. A third of those who admitted to driving after using marijuana had also been involved in drinking. ...
38-52). Furthermore, 20 percent reported to have driven within an hour after using marijuana (Bingham et al, 2007, pp. 23-37).
Limitations of the tool for answering your research question
Time and level of study restraints played an important role when considering the scope of the research. These were two factors of particular importance when setting the parameters in regards to the breadth and depth of the work to be presented. For that reason, this study did not attempt to present all the researched material in detail but rather to provide a concise, yet thorough overview of the chosen material. The analysis of practical considerations such as economics or logistics or the discussion of opposing points of views was not taken up in this study.
Part B
Introduction and overview of the proposal
While marijuana remains illegal, it is now classified with barbiturates and amphetamines rather than heroin. The advisory council responsible for recommending this change stressed that marijuana is undeniably harmful and was anxious that the drivers be informed of the dangers associated using it. While responding to recommendations made by a special committee on illegal drugs, the US government is not close to decriminalizing possession of marijuana. Drivers can be charged if impaired by marijuana. Criminal charges can be laid if a driver is high on marijuana. The likelihood of a crash when a driver is high is known to increase substantially depending on how much THC is in the blood.
Proposed participants
A study showed that marijuana raises the danger by 10 times of non-lymphoblastic leukemia in children of mothers who used marijuana just before or during pregnancy. Leukemia was not increased by other drugs such as alcohol ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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