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This paper is considered to the pivotal step towards completion of the study as it sets out the methodology which is adopted for better assimilation of the information collected from different sources specifically used for achieving the required objectives of the study…
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Methodology of a Research Paper: Research Onion Model
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Download file to see previous pages The basis for drawing the research methodology for the current study is the research onion model, which has been developed and proposed by Saunders as depicted below which reflects that highlights considerations for planning and implementing a particular research methodology initiating from review of possible philosophies supporting different course of research approaches, strategies, and data collection and interpretation methods available for business researches. Furthermore, the chapter also discusses the limitations of the adopted methodology along with the indication of the steps undertaken by the researcher to overcome them.

Considering the objective of the study that is to present and discuss the planning carried by event management companies in Bahrain and challenges faced by them in the planning process in relation to the existing literature on the research topic it could be inferred that the outcome of the present study is of qualitative nature and would result in recommendations for event management industry participants of Bahrain. On the basis of this understanding, the research design drawn for the present study is based on a research philosophy referred to as the interpretivism paradigm (Smith, et al., 2009). This research theory supports the examination of human experiences, exploring individuals’ perspectives or motivations, and interpreting the outcome of their actions or views. This, therefore, requires the researcher to understand and interpret the subjectivity and interaction of individuals which affect the behavior of individuals and their motives to take certain actions (Saunders, et al., 2007). This implies that the present study examines the experiences of individuals involved in the planning process in the event management companies operating in Bahrain and evaluating different aspects of planning as discussed in the literature review chapter of this report. The methodology associated with the interpretivism paradigm is of a qualitative nature. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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