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Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing, 7th ed. (Barnet/Bedau) - Essay Example

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Susan Brownmiller’s essay, “Let’s Put Pornography Back in the Closet,” is very much concerned with how many people are talking the issue of pornography out of proportion. According to this essay, Brownmiller vehemently believes that even though there is some truth about…
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Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing, 7th ed. (Barnet/Bedau)
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Extract of sample "Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing, 7th ed. (Barnet/Bedau)"

Download file to see previous pages Undeniably, there is a belief that pornography portrays hatred of women and not men. In most cases, from Brownmiller’s essay such pornographies have an intention to humiliate, dehumanize, and degrade the female body in a bid to pleasure and erotic stimulation. Throughout the essay, Brownmiller attempts to address an issue, which has been overlooked all through for a long time.
There is no doubt that despite the fact that the First Amendment within America provides space and right to free speech, many people abuse this right hence engaging in both speech and activities that are likely to result into dehumanization, humiliation, and degradation of humanity. The ruling of the courts that sexual explicit content amounts to no obscenity has perpetrated the act of humiliating and dehumanizing human beings especially the weaker sex. According to Brownmiller (59), there are specific facts that should be defended through arguments and discussions unfortunately pornography should not be one of them. It is very humiliating and dehumanizing to see female bodies being stripped naked, bound to other aspects of molestations such as torture and rape in the name of erotic stimulation and pleasure. From this concept it is therefore true that despite involving discussions and arguments on some specific aspects of life, some are too sensitive to be left for discussion and arguments. Freedom of speech is important as provided for in the First Amendment. However, it is important to note that such freedom should not be abused through allowing different persons to engage in sensitive discussions and arguments.
From the essay, it is undeniable that Brownmiller’s argument is of real value to humanity especially in terms of protecting dignity of woman. The argument proposed by Brownmiller is clearheaded thus regarded as a very vital response from a scholar who has seriously considered various aspects of the implications of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing, 7th Ed. (Barnet/Bedau) Essay)
Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing, 7th Ed. (Barnet/Bedau) Essay.
“Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing, 7th Ed. (Barnet/Bedau) Essay”, n.d.
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