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Marketing and research - Essay Example

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The main advantage of using the 4ps is that, it provides a platform to describe the product and the best marketing strategy put in place. The use of financial statements is vital to the…
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Marketing and research
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Extract of sample "Marketing and research"

Download file to see previous pages STOP D is a testing machine that is used to test if someone has PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). The machine was invented and put into implementation by a renowned clinical psychologist who has worked with PTSD patients for long. The machine works by estimating the level of trauma that a person has and the amount of distress that the person experiences, and then, calculates the PTSD of the person. The test is also able to know the right kind of medication necessary for the patient and the prescription without the psychologist having to be there in person. At the same time, the test also gives the evidence to concerning the choice of the particular medication and how to improve the recovery process (DR. Mulhall 2011).
STOP D is computerized meaning that everything done is recorded in a computer and then, the computer does all the judgment using the artificial intelligence that is installed. Later the computer comes up with the best solution to the problem as detected. There are lots of advantages for the computerization of the machine. Each time the test is done the method is the same; this reduces any chance of error that might occur unlike in cases where humans were to perform the same test. Due to the computerization the test is fast and every record is recorded and given within a very short time unlike when the test was done by a person. The machine has a touch screen that is used by the patient to enter their details, and to access the medication (DR. Mulhall 2011).
New products in the market such as STOP D may require a high amount of finances so as to create awareness amongst its target market. Further, looking at the product life cycle; STOP D is a newly introduced product in the market; it is most probably in its growth phase of product life cycle. This stage is characterized by high advertisements, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Marketing and Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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