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Vogue female magazines - Research Paper Example

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The primary objective of this research is to take advantage of my background in public relations, organization communication, international marketing and advertising to pursue an in depth research in the customer loyalty aspect of the Chinese Edition of the popular Vogue Female Magazine…
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Vogue female magazines
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Download file to see previous pages The primary objective of this research is to take advantage of my background in public relations, organization communication, international marketing and advertising to pursue an in depth research in the customer loyalty aspect of the Chinese Edition of the popular Vogue Female Magazine. As we know that a magazine is a periodical publication containing articles, photographs, advertisements and other features that primarily relies on advertisement and sales to accrue revenues. Thus customer loyalty is an aspect of business that is of cardinal importance, so far as assessing and assuring the profitability in a publishing business is concerned.On the accomplishment of a Masters degree in International Management from Loughborough University, I realized that I am immensely interested in the marketing issues associated with customer loyalty and retention. So in this research I intend to combine the knowledge I gained while pursuing my Masters and Bachelor degree to conduct an in depth and thorough research on the customer loyalty and retention issues faced by the International Chinese Edition of the popular Vogue Magazine. All the relevant data will be collected through return mail (on paper or through website), questionnaires and sales figures, which will aid in the sorting out and study of issues associated with the customer loyalty aspect of the publication under consideration. If this research turns out to be successful, it will serve as a rich source of reference for many foreign publishing companies. that are interested in entering the Chinese speaking market so as to enhance their global market share. After all Chinese is the second most spoken language in the world and the Chinese magazine market has a vast potential and scope that can be exploited by the foreign magazine companies. I would specially like to mention that while pursuing my Bachelors degree I not only achieved a high score of 87 in the 'Research Methods' course, but also finished a dissertation that was published in the Shi Hsin University's Journal of Graphic Communication and Technology. The topic that I choose for this dissertation was 'A Study of International Chinese Edition of Vogue Female Magazines' Market Segmentation and Positioning'. I preferred to join the Manchester Business School because I am particularly interested in the practical aspects of the business theories and dogmas and the Manchester Business School is an institution that believes in transcending the barriers between theory and practice so as to arm it's students with the right knowledge that will go a long way in ensuring that they become the business elite of the future (Manchester Business School, 2008). Manchester Business School is an institution that is committed to research (Manchester Business School, 2008). I am confident that the topic selected by me fits well into the priorities of the Marketing and Research Centre and Marketing Research Cohort at the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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