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Shifting expectations for budget hotels - Literature review Example

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Any brand that aims to grow in future tries to meet its customers’ demands and gain their loyalty. This is because only when the customers are satisfied that the company stands a…
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Shifting expectations for budget hotels
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Extract of sample "Shifting expectations for budget hotels"

Download file to see previous pages Budget hotels are the cost effective hotels that are available to the customers at any part of the world. Compared to the luxury hotels the budget hotels have greater industry competition as they have larger customer base. In this paper the researcher has tried to analyze the current scale of Brighton budget hotel business. The researcher with the help of primary research has tried to find out what are the expectations of the Brighton budget hotel consumers and thus in turn tried to find out the shift of customer’s expectations.
The objective of the research is to find out the customers’ expectations from the service industry. For this purpose the difference between budget hotel and non-budget hotel has been analyzed along with the analysis of current scale of Brighton budget hotel business has also been analyzed. Through a primary research the researcher has tried to analyze the shifting expectations of the customers from the budget hotels.
The customer expectations in the service industry change more frequently than any other industry. It is tough to keep track of the customer expectations in the service industry than an industry where the main product is goods offering (Hseih et al., n.d., p.4-7). In an industry where the customers only perceive the delivered goods, their expectations don’t change as frequently as it changes in the case of the service industry (Infosys, 2009, p.5-7). There are different kinds of expectations that the customer has from the service industry like the predicted service, adequate service and the desired service. The predicted service is one that the customers expect from the company, that is, the minimum basic services which the company should offer to its customers. The adequate service is the level of service that the company should offer to the customers to meet their needs. . The desired level of service is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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