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Geology - Essay Example

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Earth itself has had its share of unfathomable mysteries and the universe with all the heavenly bodies occupying it appears vast in mystery and beauty. For one, the exhibition via the Cullman Hall of the Universe is particularly striking. Viewers like me are chiefly left with an…
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Extract of sample "Geology"

Geology Earth itself has had its share of unfathomable mysteries and the universe with all the heavenly bodies occupying it appears vast in mystery and beauty. For one, the exhibition via the Cullman Hall of the Universe is particularly striking. Viewers like me are chiefly left with an impression that universe indeed is ever-expanding. At that moment, I was brought to ponder about the size of God who is behind such an incredible idea which reflects the great astrophysical value of matters in the outer space. During this stage, the sight of the exhibits drew me to the interest of imagining how quantum particles could have possibly been of the evolution process of the cosmic materials comprising the universe.
Similarly, the Heilbrunn Cosmic Pathway is another wonder to be marvelled at in the way markers signify that each path implies a billion years of expedition. Every vital piece of information concerning the Milky Way Galaxy including elliptical galaxies, galactic disks, and initial generation of stars among others is quite fascinating. Our journey along the Pathway is comparable to a journey down the astronomical history of objects that were essential in the creation of the solar system. We learned that the light coming from such objects would have to travel billions of years prior to being seen by our naked eyes.
In the Hall of Minerals, everyone was further astounded by bearing witness to several minerals which may consist of a single element or a range of elements in combination. I was specifically enthralled by the Patricia Emerald which was found to be a 632-carat rare uncut gem. It is perhaps with its illuminating effect of green at varying light shades that enabled me to feel a mixed sense of awe and calm at the time. Altogether, the collection of stones makes an impressive scene of priceless treasures to behold.
Upon arrival at the Hall of Human Origins, we discovered certain facts that have not been encountered yet in the class. It is such a delightful learning experience to have come to find out that human evolution is truly a complex process across times. With the evolving species of mankind as demonstrated in the exhibit, I am inclined to adhere more to faith that God does exist though the theory of evolution is irreconcilable with the biblical accounts because the formation of human intelligence since the earliest human form and epoch has been a work in progress. While this developmental stages take place, one certainly could not help thinking of a possibility of an intervention by an all-knowing being more supreme that humans.
Fossil Halls, on the other hand, serve as one marvellous attraction to the majority of the audience including myself. In it, we were like children who are quite imaginative of adventures as if they are bound to happen for real at the view of gigantic bones of dinosaurs who had gone extinct due to unbearable extreme changes on the Earth. The world’s largest collection of vertebrate fossils of over 600 specimens is such a spellbinding sight as we saw its illustration of the dramatic relationships of animals possessing various characteristics some of which are suspected to have possibly evolved into the typical ones of the present age. It felt dreadful and wonderful alike to be staring at the fossils with alternative origins fixed at a spot with details complete to the tiniest of parts.
It was very much like exploring the real as we managed our way to the Hall of North American Forests. To me, the giant sequoia tree is unbelievable, having been around for over 1,300 years as evidenced by a trunk portion in display. If it were literally alive and able to speak, the tree must have told a number of significant stories of the past which could have answered plenty of questions regarding American history. The dioramic forest floor adds to an interesting feature of the hall which is said to exhibit the decomposition process occurring in the soil.
Visiting the Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites provided another glimpse of how the solar system came to be. Meteorites have often been known to humans, especially to young ones, as ‘shooting stars’ that come flashing across the sky at night, believed to grant one’s wish upon them. By nature though, once they hit the living planet, we would discover that the fallen stars are actually rocks that fall on the ground with great pressure and energy that is even capable of burning the Earth’s atmosphere. It amazed most of us to have woken to an understanding that the meteorites do not come from stars nor are parts of them in reality, rather they are chunks of asteroids moving around the Sun at extraordinary speeds.
Likewise, I recall experiencing a dazzling journey through the stars at the Hayden Planetarium. Here, we obtained stunning knowledge about the Sun’s magnificence not only through comprehending its potentials but even the fact of its turning into a ‘red giant’ by the time the lifespan of it is almost through. For me, at least, it rouses an ample degree of curiosity that somehow makes me want to ask which generation would it be when the finally dissipates large quantity of energy to impact the Earth with huge change. I thought maybe at that age, a new line of human or animal species would evolve and attain to a level of intelligence far greater than ours.
Then, just when I thought there was nothing much to expect new in the Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth, I became all the more astonished with the full measure of knowledge regarding the Earth’s formation. At bulk, we have been led to an adequate understanding of the grounds behind the existence of mountains, oceans, and continents in general. Indeed, there is still considerably more to explore on Earth with regards to crucial information on the meteorological factors affecting the planet and the changes that transpire in it. We have come to know where climates originate as well as how such change in climate becomes of broad essence on influencing human’s way of life.
How else can Scales of the Universe be more wonderfully bewildering? This question popped in my head at the sight of a brilliant exhibition to the relative sizes of planets, stars, and galaxies, with inclusion of infinitesimal particles of the universe. Scales of the Universe deserves an overwhelming level of comparability with the Hayden Sphere so that a viewer acquires a deeper sense of acquaintance with the breadth and capacity of each type of heavenly matter. This had been a sufficiently awesome experience. Read More
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Geology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 3.
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