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Bedrock Geology and Surface Processes in Wanapum Recreation Area (Vantage, WA) - Essay Example

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This essay discusses the Wanapum Recreation Area which is located in the Kittitas Country, which is nearby the city of Vantage, WA, and it’s also called Ginkgo State Park. It is nearby the Columbia River. This area is the only way from Pullman to Seattle. …
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Extract of sample "Bedrock Geology and Surface Processes in Wanapum Recreation Area (Vantage, WA)"

Download file to see previous pages From this paper it is clear that the geologists determined the Frenchmans Spring member of Wanapum basalt formation, Columbia River basalt group from 17 sites through anomalous paleomagnetic in in my project area, which is Wanapum Recreation Area, located near Vantage, Washington. And also, there are have other member during the middle Miocene, such as Roza Member, Eckler Mountain Member. The Frenchmans Springs member is the most extensive member of the Wanapum basalt formation. 
This study stresses that the main stream is Sand Hollow-Columbia River in my project area. It is a straight channel of stream channel. The Columbia River is a perennial stream. It is a V-shaped and flows from north to south. And its drainage pattern is trellis. Its stream flows would increase on the winter, and would decrease on the summer. But the flows have changed relatively little for a several years. The primary aquifers of the CPRAS are the Columbia River basalt group (CRBG) and overlying basin-fill sediments. There is one aquifer is confined, which is fractured basalts, and unfeatured basalt made by overlying basin-fill sediments. The confining layer is unfeatured basalt. The aquifer is made by both fractured basalt and unfeatured basalt. According to the research, my project area is belonging to the Wanapum hydrogeologic unit, and it is composed mostly of basalt and interbed members of the Wanapum basalt, is in most of the north-central part of the project area. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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