Clinical Judgement and Decision Making - Essay Example

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The researcher of this descriptive essay mostly focuses on the discussion of the topic of clinical judgment and decision making and analyzing the different theories and approaches to the topic. He uses a real example of the patient to show the best approach to the issue…
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Clinical Judgement and Decision Making
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Download file to see previous pages After that discovery is when R. L could be treated and despite the fact that he took time to heal, he eventually recovered from all the diagnosis. This clearly implies that R. L had a problem with judgment and decision making process. Clinical judgment is a very critical aspect of human life because a clinic or healthcare is an environment that deals with human life (Luker and Kenrick 2002). Any judgment made is related to human life. For example, R L’s case is a problem on his body where he is unable to swallow food properly. Decision-making is very crucial in such a situation because R.L was suffering and when he goes to the hospital he refuses to share his problem with the physician. In such cases, the doctor is unable to make judgment concerning the best approach for R. L’s condition. In some cases, decision-making becomes a dilemma. For example, during operations of transplant of kidney from one person to another where both people are operated, the physician is forced to save one person meaning that he or she has to make a critical decision. In fact, judgment in clinical field is very crucial and it requires professionalism and experience as observed in R. L’s situation. According to Dowie, judgment in clinical context is defined as the evaluation of the alternative, the choosing between alternatives, and suggests that judgments are normally in certain way an evaluation of the future (Dowie 1993). R. L’s future was determined by the speech pathologist who made a very crucial decision of assessing him and finding out what his problem was and moving further to treat him. In suggesting this, Dowie debates that if a decision is to be regarded sensible then certainly some knowledge of what the prospect might seem like...
The author of this essay assumes that in the current world, there is a well-established and mounting body on judgment and decision-making (JDM). There has been a recurring discussion concerning the constructs and description of judgment and decision making process. This means that there is no universal definition of JDM because these descriptions range significantly across disciplines, philosophies and professions. Nevertheless, judgment is observed as a professional selection other than task: genuine life practice rather than imagined actions of those who view professional status as a good in its own other than a way to an attractive, namely the higher quality care and treatment of patients.
In the end the authors sums up that the literature and speculations of JDM are widespread and inclusive as they are contentious. There is no single way to organize the research and literature on JDM. It is apparent that there are distinguished and contesting accounts of JDM in the research and literature. There are several researches done on Judgment in paramedic practice. Some of them are researched well with deep explanation and concrete evidence on facts. However, some researches and theories are not up to their tasks because some of their findings had no concrete proofs. However, for all the theories written concerning judgment and decision-making process, descriptive theories are the best because they are consistent with all the rules and principles of nursing and healthcare. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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