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The Children Act 2004 - Essay Example

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This essay will discuss The Children Act 2004 and the Every Child Matters (ECM) policy to see what improvements, if any have been made since the last Act, and whether the Act is working or not. This act was formulated to appoint a regular commissioner for children and establish…
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The Children Act 2004
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Extract of sample "The Children Act 2004"

Download file to see previous pages It would be convenient to talk about the background of Children Act 2004 before moving forward towards its analysis. The primary aim of this Act was to make provisions for instituting a Children’s Commissioner. The main idea behind this move was to appoint person with appropriate authority who could efficiently handle matters related to children’s social protection. After that the Act concentrated on making more efficient procedures for the protection that local authorities provide ‘to’ and ‘for’ children. It was also aimed at family proceedings, child minding, private fostering, adoption of review panels, day care, child safety order, reasonable punishment, publication of material containing inappropriate child content and disclosure by the Inland Review of Information to provide better care for children of Wales.
In September 2003, the nation witnessed the tragic news of the death of Victoria Climbié. As this heart-breaking news got national attention, the government put out the Every Child Matters green paper besides a formal reply to Lord Laming, who was investigating the matter of the poor child’s tragic death. Lord Laming’s report was an eye opener for many authorities. The report pointed out so many gaps in child protection system that shouldn’t have been there. The more significant aspect of the report was the lack of ‘joined-up reporting’, which was the reason that even the professionals were unable to get an insight to the child’s life. The green paper recommended some crucial reformations that enjoyed full support of the legislation.
Lord Laming’s report highlighted crucial failures in the health, social services and the police departments that on12 occasions, Victoria had a chance to live but that chance couldn’t be avail because there was privation of information sharing. That is why the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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