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Inequalities in societies have existed from the historic times. There have always been male and female, Rich and poor, educated and non educated and superior and inferior. These inequalities have found their way in the modern society. …
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New Equality Act 2010
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Download file to see previous pages However, they are not well embraced in the modern times. It is believed that all people are equal regardless of their gender and race. As such, governments have been pushing for equality policies across the world. The United Kingdom parliament introduced the equality act 2010. This act was based on a number of laws and acts that had been introduced in the United Kingdom in the past. Despite its introduction, equality is yet to be achieved in the workplace (Varkaik, 2005). There are many challenges facing the implementation of this act. The equality act 2010 promises to equate all people regardless of their gender and race in the workplace but faces many challenges in the implementation, which need to be addressed accordingly. History of Equality Act 2010 The vision and objectives of the equality act 2010 were proposed back in the 1960s. It had been realized that some groups, gender, and races were discriminated against in the United Kingdom in many sectors. Some people were paid less in the workplace; others had challenges getting jobs because they belonged to a certain race and others because of their gender. The equal pay act of the 1970 was the first law to be passed regarding this. According to this law, people doing the same workload in the same department are required to be paid the same amount regardless of their gender and race. ...
No employer or institution would discriminate any person basing on these grounds (United Kingdom Legislation, 2013). Disability act of 1995 also forms a part of the equality act 2010. Disabled people should have equal opportunities to employment basing on this law. The Equality Law 2010 (Work Place) The passing of the Equality Act 2010 was embraced by many people across the United Kingdom. However, there are serious concerns about whether anything will change. Experts have been documenting everything that has been happening after passing of the vital acts which form a part of the Equality Act 2010. They have confirmed that indeed, not a lot of changes have been documented after the passing of those acts. No wonder some people have been questioning what has been happening in the last four decades from the time the Equal Pay act was passed in 1970. The very things the parliament meant to protect people from have been happening right under their eyes. Discrimination This is one of the largest problems in the United Kingdom in the current times. Despite the passing of laws to reduce discrimination, research indicates otherwise (Favre, Grainger and Brewer, 2011). Women and minority races in the United Kingdom are the most affected. Women do not have equal opportunities with men in the work place (Verkaik, 2008). While many men are employed in well paying permanent jobs, only a few women are employed. The other women are employed in low paying part time (Lee, 2002). In fact, only about 30% on average women are employed in the permanent well paying jobs. The percentage of women in the low paying part time jobs is 79%. This clearly indicates that most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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