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It is a personal add for myself - Admission/Application Essay Example

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We all dream to make a difference in our day to day life so as to leave a good legacy behind on what we do in our day to day living.
I always aspire to live a meaningful…
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It is a personal add for myself
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Extract of sample "It is a personal add for myself"

College: Lecturer: Every human heart has a desire of distinction Each and every day that sunshines on earth, every one of us always wakes up with new hope and aspirations. We all dream to make a difference in our day to day life so as to leave a good legacy behind on what we do in our day to day living.
I always aspire to live a meaningful life different from others but useful and helpful in life. I always appreciate life by taking risk wherever necessary in doing good. I never forget that in life to get to our point of desire, we always have to risk hence “Opportunity favors’ those willing to take risks”.
Therefore doing well in life and taking risks to achieve better results forms part of me and by doing this I always feel that I appreciate my life. I therefore often find myself visiting the sick in hospitals, the orphans in the society, participating in charity walks to help those in need and at times visiting schools and hospitals and participating in communal work in those places, communal work such as cleaning those places.
One cannot realize the beauty of life and at the same time appreciate everything in life without appreciating himself or herself. For that matter, I always accept my personality knowing very well that I am created differently from others in terms of physical outlook and personal traits all of which forms my personality. I also know very well that Personality that is in me has both my strengths and weaknesses. My drive has always been to accept my weaknesses but still work on them to become my strengths while at the same time keep on improving on my strengths. By doing that I know I will make a difference in life through achieving good and greater things.
I also don’t forget that it is also equally important to recognize and appreciate others, knowing very well that diversity does exist in terms of race for instance black and white, gender inform of male and female, religion for example Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism among other form of diversities.
My personality of appreciating life and the universe, my beliefs that despite our differences we are important in this universe and values and aspirations of doing good therefore do not allow me at all to discriminate others on the basis of their religion, gender race or even other diversities that have not been mentioned here. Therefore recognition of other people’s uniqueness also forms part of who I am.
Success in life, has no shortcuts or in other words one cannot be successful in life by the use of a “lift” to reach at the top of the social ladder, one must therefore use “stairs” to get to wherever point of success on which one wishes to get .By this I mean that in order for me to realize my dreams and aspirations of being successful in life, I grow while discovering new achievements that I make in life while at the same time seize and exploit the opportunities that comes along my way.
I must be an optimistic person who sees opportunity in every difficulty and not a pessimist who sees difficulty in every opportunity. I must therefore be ready and willing to take risks where necessary in order to realize my goals and objectives of succeeding in life. I will therefore be always focused guided by the statement “Forward ever, backwards never.” Read More
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