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Bicyclists who dont follow rules in nyc - Term Paper Example

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The cycling boom of the last century has not subsided and has gained more momentum in the recent years. One of the main reasons for the attractiveness of cycling for commuting…
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Bicyclists who dont follow rules in nyc
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Extract of sample "Bicyclists who dont follow rules in nyc"

Download file to see previous pages Utility cycling is seen commonly in New York while it is also used for regular commuting and recreation by many.
To support and encourage the use of cycles, there were numerous bike ways or bike lanes created. There has been an increase in the number of bike lanes in New York City. This increase in bike lanes has attracted mixed reactions for different elements of the society. Many have criticised this and cycling in general for the reason that cyclists do not follow the rules. This paper is aimed at finding out what the media is writing about bicyclists who do not follow traffic rules in New York City.
There has been a lot written in the media about bicyclists not following traffic rules. The criticism of bicyclists is not just limited to breaking of traffic rules but also has attracted religious criticism. Various quarters of the society have reacted differently to the issue and each has a different opinion. But the popular view in the media is that the cyclists have to be blamed. The opinion of the public that has dominated the media is that cyclists are hated.
There are various instances and reasons that are pinpointed to show that cyclists do not follow rules and as a result have caused troubled to the commuters and motorists in the city. An article in Gothamist has published the views of the people who hate the cyclists (OGrady, 2011). Following are the various reasons that people give which go on to prove that cyclists are in fact not following the rules.
Some are of the view that cyclists over speed on the bicycles. The speed of the cyclists is such that bystanders compare them to the cyclists in Tour De France. With their gear and helmets, cyclists try to imitate those in the race and try to hit high speeds. This threatens the safety of others on the road. Cyclists must be bound by the law to drive under ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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