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Memo format, proposal of research topic:Should Close Protection Officers (CPO) complete compulsory fitness tests in order to gain their Security Industry Authority (SIA) front line operative licence - Outline Example

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A Close Protection Officer or Operative (CPO) is a well-trained and skilled individual who has been hired by a person in need of personal protection for example; politicians, royal families and celebrities. To become a close protection officer one needs to be licensed by the SIA…
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Memo format, proposal of research topic:Should Close Protection Officers (CPO) complete compulsory fitness tests in order to gain their Security Industry Authority (SIA) front line operative licence
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Extract of sample "Memo format, proposal of research topic:Should Close Protection Officers (CPO) complete compulsory fitness tests in order to gain their Security Industry Authority (SIA) front line operative licence"

Download file to see previous pages The industry will have a basis for decision making with regards to the importance of including a compulsory fitness test for their employees versus cost of the actual implementation of such a move. I also gain the skills of designing and implementing a good research project which is one of the objectives of higher education studies.
The main objective of SIA is to award licenses to persons interested in becoming CPO’s only after meeting the requirements which include undergoing CPO training and having a clean criminal record among other requirements. The idea was to tame the Protective Security Industry which had persons with criminal records and associated with drug abuse operating as CPO’s. This would have then resulted in better performance and increased effectiveness. But even with this regulatory body in place the effectiveness of CPO’s hasn’t improved as much. In a recent study, 53% of the respondents believed that the CPO’s operational effectiveness had actually improved under SIA standards. The remaining 47% felt that SIA had done little in an effort to improve the operational effectiveness and CPO standards. This finding actually suggested that almost half of the respondents felt that SIA had not done much to improve the operational effectiveness of CPO’s (Payton 1997). The same study revealed that, SIA faces a problem of having many already operational CPO’s being unlicensed and have failed to meet the minimum requirements established by the government’s Act of 2001 in terms of attainment of standards and relevant training necessary for operating in the Private Security Industry.
In order to improve CPO’s effectiveness then a critical and much broader multidimensional approach in the evaluation of the problem needs to be adopted. One of the avenues could then be to evaluate the need for fitness tests for all CPO’s and its impact ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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