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This paper under the title "Whether Close Protection Officers Need to Complete Compulsory Fitness Tests" focuses on the fact that with globalization, has come to a significant increase in insecurity and a great need for security service for the very important persons. …
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Whether Close Protection Officers Need to Complete Compulsory Fitness Tests
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Extract of sample "Whether Close Protection Officers Need to Complete Compulsory Fitness Tests"

Download file to see previous pages The study found out that most of the security firms and Close protection Officers were in favour of including a compulsory physical fitness test as a pre-requisite for SIA front line license award.
With all the technological advances being made in the world today, security is being recognized globally as one of the areas which have greatly benefitted from these developments while at the same time suffered from it. Many people are becoming more aware of the security risks they face every day. They seek the services of Close Protective Officers (CPO) who basically offer security services to anyone who feels that he/she is at risk and therefore in need of security services. As the need for security services increases, the effectiveness of CPO’s is coming under close scrutiny. It has been noted that physical fitness is one of the key areas that have the potential of increasing the overall effectiveness of cops. In order for an individual to practice as a CPO, he/she has to be licensed. Security Industry Authority is the body mandated to award licenses to individuals who meet the criteria. Among the requirements for the award of a CPO, the license is a clean criminal record and undergoing CPO training. This study was conducted with the intention of evaluating whether CPO’s need to complete compulsory fitness tests in order for them to gain their Security Industry Authority (SIA) front line license.
A brief background at this point would be of great value as it would assist in contextualizing this study. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is a Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB) that was established under the PSIA Act of 2001. It is an independent body that has the mandate to license all the individuals who meet the criteria for licensing. Any individual who wants to work as a front line operative, they must have a clean criminal record, undergo an identity check, and a competency requirement (Button, 2009).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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