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Marketing - Essay Example

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Public relation is one of the most critical elements of promotional strategies and is an immensely important mix in Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) strategy. Public relation is a form of communication management that aims at influencing the feelings, opinions and…
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Extract of sample "Marketing"

…………………. College …………….. …………. MARKETING Public Relation Functions Public Relation and its Functions Public relation is one of the most critical elements of promotional strategies and is an immensely important mix in Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) strategy. Public relation is a form of communication management that aims at influencing the feelings, opinions and beliefs of various stakeholders of a firm, such as customers, employees, suppliers, stockholders and other public groups (Kerin, Hartley and Berkowitz, p. 474). More specifically, public relation is about building a good relationship with various public of the company with a view to obtain favorable publicity.
One of the basic underlying concept of public relation is that maintaining a better relation always help the company achieve sustainable competitive advantage and the relation can be converted to customer loyalty as well. It is because a public is any group that has an actual as well as potential interest in the company and is able to impact company’s ability to achieve its objectives (Kotler and Keller, p. 593).
Public Relation Functions
Normally, there is public relation department or management who is responsible to take necessary steps to manage successful relations with the main public groups. The public relation department is to monitor the attitudes of the public it targets and thus distribute brand and other relevant messages and communication with a view to hold a competitive edge in brand loyalty as well. The major public relations functions are detailed below:
1- Press Relation or Press Agency: The Public relation department is expected to create and place all the newsworthy information, news, events etc in the news media. This helps the company maintain a long-term reputability of the company among its public. Some of the companies pass most of the information regarding their special events, programs and other activities to press, for instance, and consumers and other publics get updated when they see the news. For instance, press release of CSR and other news of Apple Inc, Nokia inc and so on.
2- Product Publicity: The public relation management will be engaged in publicizing the information regarding the product or service the markets to its customers. The main public group being targeted for this is customers.
3- Public Affairs: The public relation officer or the manager is also responsible in maintaining national as well as community relations that are beneficial for the company.
4- Investor Relations: Shareholders are most important public groups and maintaining a better relationship with them is critical to company’s financial strength. The Public relation department is to maintain relationship with the shareholders and for this purpose they will always be updated with company information through mails, websites and other forms of communication.
5- Lobbying: It is related to building and maintaining relation with government officials and legislators so that they can be influenced for the overall benefits of the company.
6- Development: The Public relation department is to maintain relation with donors or members of the not-for-profit organizations so that company can gain volunteer support (Armstrong and Kotler, p. 429).
These are the major functions of public relation that a company will be bake to promote its products, people, places, ideas and activities to prospected customers and other publics.
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Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 60.
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