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1. Principles of Public Relations (PR) As defined, Public relations practice is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organization and its publics ( The practice of Public Relations however has not always been viewed unfavorably…
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Journal Report
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Download file to see previous pages a) Truthfulness – does not only stating the facts. Being truthful meant avoiding slanting the facts to create a false and an inaccurate impression out of the actual facts. This is principle is crucial to dispel the negative connotation about the PR profession. b) Authenticity – meant being true to the profession. As differentiated from truthfulness, the PR practitioner must practice the craft with lofty objectives aside from the self-interest of its client. It meant practicing the profession with utmost integrity that the recipient of information conveyed by the practitioner should benefit those who receives it. c) Respect- meant the placing of proper value or importance to the public who will consume the information that the PR practitioner will dispense. It meant that in the practice of the craft, an ethical PR person should strive to provide better choices among its audience and to foster understanding instead of misinformation. d) Equity – meant the fair practice of the PR profession. It meant that a PR professional should not take advantage those who are in a less privilege situation in advancing its PR objectives. e) Social responsibility – just like any job, the PR profession must be exercised with a sense of social responsibility. This means taking into consideration the common good of the public at large as the PR person exercises his or her profession. It also means serving not only the interest of those who have, but also should serve the interest of those who have less in society. 2. Functions of PR I am interested with I am very much interested with the societal function of Public Relations. It is the function of Public Relation that deals with the public at large that includes functions such as consumer relations and marketing communication. I find this specific function of Public Relation that deals with the public a very exciting job because I am in a position not only to dispense news and information, but is also empowered to shape the point of view, perspective and opinion of people about the product and organization I represent. When the above ethical principles is integrated in the practice of the craft, the PR profession can become a potent force for good; which can foster understanding and goodwill not only about the product and organization I represent but also on issues between people. 3. What is the significance of the article to the fields of public relations? The article discussed how the relationship between journalists and PR professionals are shifting from a love-hate relationship to a more cooperative environment because of the introduction of new technology. The traditional relationship of the two has been characterized as adversarial with the PR professionals always seeking the journalists and the journal was able to explain how this was “turned around”. This is significant because the literature explained how the emergence of technology and its platforms such as blogs, twitters, social networking and LISTERV(e-mail list management software system), HARO (help a reporter out, a social networking site for journalists asking for sources for their stories) was able to transform the formerly distrustful relationship between the journalists and PR practitioners. 4. What is the sign ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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