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Public Relations Assignment - Essay Example

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Topic: public relations Name: Instructor: Course: Date: In today’s modern society, animals living in captivity create public relations issues, not just animal issues Introduction Public relations involve the management of an image by analyzing trends that serve the publics and the organization…
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Public Relations Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages 52). Such is when animals are held in captive in certain zoos, amusement parks and marine parks, where they are incapacitated to act to their abilities. The utilization of animals in these has raised public relations issues alongside animal issues that address the compliance and respect of animal rights. In relation to the definition of public relations, holding animals in captivity is against the will of the public by not promoting intentions of animal good will, but instead of human good will. Legal, moral and ethical issues are not negotiated while considering animal rights implications to the animals. Animal health and welfare are never the concern of the authority in charge of animal captivity, but instead the purposes of human entertainment and monetary benefits are the main prioritization of the authority. This is from the depiction of animals as “collections” whereby animal captivity does not replicate wild habitual traits of the animals. These restricted traits, involve running, choosing partners, roaming and the ability to choose prey or other food. Animals in captivity (zoos, marine parks or amusement parks) are left to get bored and lonely while under strict surveillance of their lives of the authority.1 In relation to public relations, there are certain interest groups, referred to as publics that are concerned with the depiction of lack of ensuring public relations and animal ethics to animals held in captivity. Among the publics related to these issues are the media, special interest groups, especially environmental groups, international community, the government, the academia fraternity and the industry stakeholders (Christine. 11). These six publics have their own perspectives about PR in animal captivity by the mode in which they communicate the awareness of the issues, involvement in saving the animals and their communication strategies in ensuring that current societal issues of animal rights are addressed. 2 The implication of the disrespect of animal ethics is not only an issue of the authorities in charge of the captives (zoos, parks) but also affects the general audience to whom these parks are established. Affiliated to the tourism industry, ethical concerns affecting animal behavior and handling inculcate socio-cultural and environmental impacts. The systematic determination and lack of ethics of holding up animals denies them the right to freedom, treatment with respect and aims towards achieving human good and animal wrong(Stephen. 4). Among the various ethical issues posed by holding animals in captivity, include conflict of interest, dissemination of improper picture and information to the public and the media and legislation.3 The media is one of the parties which are highly interested with the analysis of public relations of animals and human interaction. It has played a major role in trying to condemn the inhumane behaviour thus protecting the animal rights. The media keeps track of the odds that go around the human and animal environment. Animals need to be protected thus the media has taken the duty to ensure that all animal rights are followed. In this case, it has taken the role of exposing the inhumane behaviour to the public as well as educating people on how to co-exist with animals in the ecosystem. Specific interest groups such as private sectors have joint other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Public Relations Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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