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The disease develops through the loss of calcium and other vital minerals in the bones that make them lose their density hence easy fracturing. Osteoporosis…
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Download file to see previous pages Osteoporosis results into long term fracture risks that may come along with other complications in movement (Marcus, Feldman & Dempster, 2013). The World Health Organization stresses the definition of osteoporosis along these lines with guidelines on the diagnosis of the disease and the regular treatment of it throughout time one suffers from it. The disease has normally grown associated with the old (Pun, 1991). The disease is known to affect the elderly due to their old body systems and bones that develop to obtain and utilize minerals slowly. Most aged people 50 and above stand a risk of developing the condition. The disease may become controlled if a given amount of the lacking minerals introduced into the bones cover the deficiency that it causes. It is therefore wise to register it earlier to obtain treatment and easy management techniques for the disease.
Stress: stress in relation to osteoporosis originates from the advanced age effect. Advanced age as identified earlier, osteoporosis occurs more likely in the old compared to the others. The age factor contributes massively to the development of osteoporosis and is not controllable since it occurs involuntarily. Monitoring of one’s life from child hood to adult age to old age would make it possible to understand the problem (Ringe, 2001). Most of the affected become stressed and hence finding it difficult to cope with the society requirements.
Personal environment fit: Race in relation to health, European and Asian relations have a connection to osteoporosis compare to other groups of people. These pose environmental questions in relation to what the environment has on osteoporosis. Some of the conditions originate from the hereditary channels with a child whose parents suffered the problem could also face the same challenge. A number of hereditary risk factors ranging from the race that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Alshareef_ENVM510_M8GradedAssign Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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