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Askweek3 - Essay Example

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Firstly, Stacey (2011:337) states that “People’s selves are sustained and evolve in the ordinary, everyday work activities they undertake in their local interactions with each…
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Extract of sample "Askweek3"

First scenario: Shareef Abdul-Kareem It is obvious that the changes in management of your organization will have several challenges. Firstly, Stacey (2011:337) states that “People’s selves are sustained and evolve in the ordinary, everyday work activities they undertake in their local interactions with each other”. With this assertion, do you see a possibility of applying this concept in your organization? If yes, explain the rationale.
Explain the possible challenges your organization might face as a result of these changes.
As you transfer your responsibilities to your son, it is apparent that there are some both negative and positive impacts of such a move. For example, your son might not be so committed to steer ahead the company, and this could probably be in terms of not being active in the organization, perhaps because the organization belongs to the father, or on the other hand, he may work hard to improve the status of the organization to please the father. With such deliberations, how would you ensure your son is in the right course?
What are possible ways through with your organization can adopt in order to counter the challenges emerging as a result of organizational changes?
Perhaps utilization of action research would help resolve any emergent and possible challenges in your organization. How helpful would action plan be in this situation?
Another way through which your organization may deem appropriate to solve its challenges is through adoption of a more fractal system approach. What does this approach entails? What are challenges accrued from the use of this approach?
Explain your opinion in terms of the positioning of your organization in the next ten years after your succession? Explain the reason of thinking so?
Second scenario: Per
When giving an account of the description of your organization in terms of its positioning and performance, how would you describe it?
You describe your organization as ineffective complex adaptive systems. What characteristics make you describe your organization as such?
Do you see any possibility of changing this situation? In what ways would you achieve that?
You might think of adopting action research in order to improve and achieve effective complex adaptive system. Do you think action research would help achieve this goal? If yes, explain.
Fractal system approach may also be adopted in order to realize effective complex adaptive system. Explain the mode of application of this approach.
According to Stacey (2011, pp. 491-493), people embracing the concept of complex adaptive systems might go about “rethinking the roles of leaders and managers”. In this regard, do you find this being applicable in your organization? If you were given an opportunity to advise your senior managers on ways through which their behaviors can help improve the status of your organization, what advice would you give?

Third scenario: Kathleen Grave
Although your organization operates as an effective CAS in many areas, there are some areas that it’s ineffective. Identify these areas your organization is ineffective in.
How would your company’s ineffectiveness be transformed to effectiveness? Explain your rationale.
Do you think utilization of action research in the effort to transform areas your organization is inefficient in would be of help? If yes, explain in what ways.
Leaders who fall into the neurotic forms of leadership fails to meet the long-term goals of the organization. Their behaviors exhibit short term strategic thinking. In this regard, and given an opportunity recommend the best strategies to oversee realization of long-term goals of your organization, what strategies would you adapt?
Do you think adoption of fractal system approach would help solve the problem in your organization? If yes, in what ways?
What are possible challenges that can emerge as a result of using fractal system approach? How would you overcome them?
Stacey, R.D., 2011. Strategic management and organisational dynamics: the challenge of complexity. 6th ed. Harlow: Pearson Read More
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Askweek3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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