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Change management - Essay Example

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Change Management Name Institution Course Professor Date No matter the position of leadership, any individual leading in a certain organization often faces hostility to change by employees. These leaders can; however, channel change by being practically involved in the changing process…
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Change management
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Download file to see previous pages These managers did not, surprisingly, point out on technology as being the cause of their failure. Often, a lot of challenges are faced in the event of reaching out for change. Some of these challenges include: Managers who would not offer the resources needed for a certain project to succeed. These projects could turn out to be the effective tools leading to change required in the organizations. In addition, these managers fail to allow their representatives enough time to participate in the change process. In some instances, these managers could filter out key messages or spread negative messages regarding the change. The other challenge is employees’ often-becoming distracted and loose interest in their line of duty. Thus, impacting profoundly on the production level of the organization and the number of customers involved in the organization. In some organizations, valued employees often leave the organization for various reasons. This is a formidable challenge because some of these valued employees can bring visible change in the organization (Cooke 2009). ...
Despite the desirable outcomes being the same, the means of getting there are totally different. For example, international organizations need not change using the culture of their job market. The focus on this change remains firmly on nuts and bolts of this organization’s change (Desmond 1992). Life has peaked to the extent that change is constant and inevitable. In addition, managing and producing change is the task of leaders. Thus, a full use of human expertise is more powerful than any other activity. This enables knowledge to be passed throughout the organization. Those in lower levels are trained more specifically than those in higher levels. Further, they are likely to be close to consumers and to the problem in need of being solved (Geen 2007). Therefore, there is a dire need to reduce power gap between the top managers and workers. With globalization expanding at a higher rate, there is this dire need for valuing and extreme use of differences. In an organization, there is the OD. This is a form of organizational change that significantly focuses on all levels of the organization. These levels include organization individual, group, inter group, total system and inter organizational without limiting the practice. The contents on the OD should include detail like the details and purpose of the organization, strategy, leadership management and about culture change (Hayes 2002). The underlying theory for OD practice is the open system theory. Any organization is rated on the basis of its input from its external environment and output. Most OD practitioners say that it is paramount to look for the importance of the said individual and the goals of this organization in question. This is to search of the better options for the individual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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