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Why followers suport toxic leaders qualitative case study perspective - Essay Example

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The negative impact of toxic leaders in politics, religion, socio-economics, and the business sector is of growing concern to scholars in this field. This growing phenomenon has created uneasiness among…
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Why followers suport toxic leaders qualitative case study perspective
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Extract of sample "Why followers suport toxic leaders qualitative case study perspective"

Download file to see previous pages can this paradoxical scenario, which is has been evident in virtually every society, from the earliest records of history to the present day, be explained (Lipman-Blumen, 2005)? Susceptible followers have followed, preferred or favored, and sometimes helped create an enabling environment for toxic leadership to thrive. Followers have permitted and supported toxic leadership behavior to the point where it seems to be acceptable in both political and business organizations (Reed, 2004). The central question for investigation in this project is what are the reasons followers accept, favor, and help sustain toxic leadership?
Researchers recognize that leadership effectiveness is dependent on the role of followers within the organization (McClure, 2009). However, the lack of research work on the role of followers within a company led by a toxic leader presents a significant gap in the literature which the present study aims to address. McClure (2009) acknowledges this concern about the current lack of published research or investigation into the role of followers of toxic leaders. Mccoby (2004), Challeff (1995), and Chai (2010) emphasize that researchers’ failure to investigate the role of followers and identify the motivation for follower actions are among the reasons why failures in leadership and the rise of toxic leadership still persist today.
This research will undertake a qualitative methodology using content analysis to gather information as to why followers support toxic leaders. This study will fill the gap in published research on the role of followers in making organizations more effective. It will also help determine why followers support their leader, good or bad.
According to Kellerman, (2008) and Lipman-Blumen, (2005), safety, security, group membership, and the unpredictable nature of the world are some of the human conditions that make followers susceptible to toxic leaders. Various followers benefit from toxic leadership behavior and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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