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Analyze the - Case Study Example

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Rita failed to create the latter. As stated in the case, after she initiated meeting with her group there were usual informal ones her subordinates conducted after the formal. There was a usual meeting after the meeting that took place…
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Analyze the case study
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Download file to see previous pages At this point, influence shows a remarkable impact on how the entire team would be formed with it. Rita was not influential enough and less empowered to sustain order within the group.
Rita also did not realize her subordinates were forming social networks where informal communications overflowed. Failure on her part to demonstrate how to manage communication within the group, Rita ended up having subordinates not willing to participate and obey her point of view. After all, the key players or executives were very territorial and possessed extreme supremacy, so they belong to a group though in a simple hierarchical structure, but still they could implement high individualistic authority based on seniority complex. However, in general, Rita was working with a kind of work group with key players ready to do well if their potentials would only have been effectively tapped. The danger in working with this group would be the failure to recognize its open system of interaction, as the external inputs it might have received would develop a certain output. In the case of Department 8101, it has its open system that from any time would possibly result to negative entropy, differentiation or integration, depending on the prevailing approach implemented for managing with change and complexity. Rita should have been aware about the communication pattern of her group as the various inputs could actually penetrate here. Her failure to recognize this resulted to disorder in the system.
Rita failed to recognize general systems approach or the group’s interaction, not minding about general system concepts like input, output, cycles, negative entropy, feedback, dynamic equilibrium, differentiation, integration and etc. She overlooked the fact that the new group she was trying to work with has its own balance and influence from surrounding environment and even has its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analyze the Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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