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Analysis of a cultural or MICE sector organisation - Essay Example

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I. C. E. denotes meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions. The short form may at times may be used inconsistently, where the ‘C’ may at times refer to conventions, whilst the ‘E’ is refers to events. M. I. C. E. may also used to refer to a particular class of…
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Analysis of a cultural or MICE sector organisation
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Extract of sample "Analysis of a cultural or MICE sector organisation"

Download file to see previous pages usually planned well in advance and aimed at achieving a certain corporate, social, political or cultural purpose among many other purposes (Hass et al, 2008). Industry educators propose the use of ‘Events Industry’ as an overall term to represent the wide scope of works under this industry (Brotherton & Wood, 2008). The organizers or firms in this industry offer meeting and conferencing support equipment, catering services, accommodation facilities, transport facilities, training, and so much more that is akin to services in the hospitality industry.
A large number of MICE’s components are comprehensively understood, except for incentives which is least understood by many. Incentive tourism is commonly undertaken as an employee reward scheme by organizations as a form of employee reward by companies for targets achieved and success in work. Thus, MICE tourism is, many at times, purely conducted for entertainment purposes rather than educational or professional purposes. This industry usually includes well planned agendas focused on specific topics or themes, such as trade and professional organizations, educational topics or special interest groups. Bidding for MICE events usually occurs long prior to the events. This article reviews a specific firm in this industry within the United Kingdom (U.K) market. The firm under highlight is the U.K based AVC Productions limited (AVC Productions, 2011). This article evaluates the company’s products and services as well as structure, organization, vision and mission of the company. Furthermore, of interest will also be its special focus area or market niche in the industry. The study will also include an analysis that will look into the company’s strategy in order to identify how it competitively strategizes and positions itself within the United Kingdom market. The article will also carry out an analytical review of the company and its position and performance within the industry through common analytical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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