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Encounter Point - Movie Review Example

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The violence and destruction caused by each side may be more or less equal. But the movie depicts the Israelis having a significant grip…
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Encounter Point
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Extract of sample "Encounter Point"

Download file to see previous pages The movie shows Israel having a strong army, though it itself is most of the times at the receiving end of the Palestinian violence. In one scene Roni Hirschenson, a former soldier, says that Israel has become an army with a state and not state with an army. This is a very strong statement by someone who has lost two of his son’s directly or indirectly in the war.
Another reason there seems to be inequality between Israelis and Palestinians is that violence from Israel comes in a very sophisticated manner. There is usage of modern technology and unfortunately many ordinary people are killed in the attacks. The backing of United States as mentioned in the movie also shows Israel to be a stronger side.
a- I don’t think that the movie has taken any sides. I think that the movie is very neutral and the purpose of such movies should be to raise a debate over the existing conditions. There may be people who think that this movie takes sides but I think that they feel that only because of the resentment that resides in them regarding the opposite side. The film shows destruction from both the sides. It takes interviews of victims from both Israelis and Palestinians.
b- I think a balanced film is a film which shows reality in a non-provocative manner. This means that the reality on ground may be different but the film has to present facts in such a manner that it doesn’t offend either party. Each side believes that they are absolutely right and in this case each side believes that god is on their side. The film cannot comment on the reality or possibility of god taking any particular side in the future. But what a balanced film can do is raise the issue and spark a healthy debate.
c- I will definitely recommend the video to other viewers. The movie is very informative but most importantly it clearly shows the destruction caused by violence. People are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Encounter Point Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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