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Sports - Essay Example

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Although there are many different types of sports, it is wrong to say that one sport is any better than another. This is because each sport has its own intricacies that…
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Extract of sample "Sports"

Dom Rafael Mrs. Firmender Senior Composition 7 November Spectator Sports Sports are enjoyed by a number of people all over the world for the pleasure that they bring to their fans. Although there are many different types of sports, it is wrong to say that one sport is any better than another. This is because each sport has its own intricacies that appeal to a certain segment of the population. It would be boring if everyone enjoyed the same sport because people would eventually lose interest in sport. Because there are a variety of sports, anybody can choose which sport they will follow. Even though there are many types of sports, this essay will focus on sports that are fast-paced and packed with action. When fans attend a sports match, they want to feel satisfied that they have got their money’s worth. The three sports that are the most spectator-friendly are wresting, basketball, and soccer. The kind of sums paid to participants in these sports makes the price of admission go up considerably. True fans, though, do not want to miss out on any action and will thus support their sport no end.
Wrestling is a sport that is not for the faint of heart. As there is no ball involved, the wrestlers must use their bare hands to overcome their opponent. For fans, this can be great because they can view two fighters slugging it out in the ring. This is a sport that relies a lot upon adrenaline. The thrill that viewers get exceeds the average sporting experience. A downside to participating in this sport is that a lot of physical damage can occur to the body. Later in life, ex-wrestlers commonly have permanent physical disabilities that result in them not being able to live a normal life. Many ex-wrestlers end up going off the deep end and doing something bad.
Basketball is one of the fastest sports out there. It is played so fast that there is very little time for players to celebrate after they have made a basket, simply because the opposing team is already making their way down the court. The power and skill of some basketball players makes this sport an awesome viewing experience. For spectators, prices can be expensive because of the wealth of the sport. Similar to wrestling, although not quite as much, basketball is a relatively physical sport. The sheer physical size of some of the players means that it is inevitable that physical contact will be part and parcel of the sport.
Finally, soccer is often called the beautiful game because of the nice way in which it is played. Just like basketball, soccer is known as a ball sport. Most people consider the sport to be somewhat physical, although not quite as much as either wrestling or basketball. Attendances for soccer matches are higher than the other two sports simply because the sport is played on a large outdoor pitch rather than a ring or court. Fans of the game often develop a deep loyalty to their team and will travel great distances to show their support. To make up for the lack of violence on the field, fans can attack rival supporters, although this only happens in some countries. Hooliganism used to be a big problem for the sport back in the day, although steps have been taken to prevent this from occurring on a regular occasion these days.
While all of these sports have their similarities, there are also clear differences between them. It really comes down to personal preference as to which sport a person prefers to watch. Personality plays a large part in the type of sport a fan likes to watch. Those who are more into fighting appreciate wrestling because of the physical contact involved. On the other hand, for fans that enjoy non-stop action, basketball better suits their needs. Finally, soccer is a sport for more artistically-inclined people. At the end of the day, people who enjoy relaxing and watching two teams or people battle it out will enjoy wrestling, basketball, or soccer. Read More
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