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Fanatic perceptions - Essay Example

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Sports games are highly dependent on their fans. Without fans, no sport of any type would have succeeded. A game would just be a game if it did not have its fans. Support from fans is what determines a team’s popularity. Regardless of the game played, the fans are what give life to the game…
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Fanatic perceptions
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Support is important in every area of life. The support is given to players from fans. The fans have different types of antics that are used to lift up the player’s spirits and encourage them to endure. It is true in the sense that this spirit lifting renders a subtle affect that helps the players get on with the game. Fans and spectators may differ on opinions of what they see and what they believe. It is this inner reaction that is produced by the fans that give off different emotions during the game. Some fans have so much energy built up for the game that they become fanatics. The fanatic can sometimes have violent outbursts while being so caught up in the game. These types of violent actions happens in more cases then are needed. Fans become so caught up in the game that excitement is quickly turned into anger and violence. This anger and violence can be dangerous to those nearby. A good example of how these fanatics lose their self control and cause violence is demonstrated in an incident that recently happened. The incident happened at a game between the Boston Celtics and the Utah Jazz. Viewing this particular game can demonstrate how fans lose self control.

The NBA game held between the two teams could have been prevented by self control. The game shows how spectators come from different walks of life. The spectators from the game have different opinions and feelings toward the game. Not everyone in the crowd will share the same beliefs. Some spectators are attending the game to experience a good time. This is proven by the many beer bottles and whistled that surround this type of spectators. Other spectator’s attend games because of the dedication they have to the home team. These spectators dress in colors of the team they adore. The spectators also may purchase season tickets so that no game is missed. Many bring cameras in hopes to catch that perfect shot which can be kept as a sacred memory. Whichever way the spectator has chosen to show his or her appreciation, it is easily shown. Regardless of the sport, each fan has their own motivation that persuades them to be a fan. These fans are what bring the spirit to the game. Although each fan may have a different motive, the fan is there for one reason and that reason is to support the team. The way people of different walks of life are able to come together and cheer on a team shows dedication. Some fans are so caught up in the moment that they put all ethics aside and turn to violence. This is clearly reviled in an incident at an NBA game. A game between the Celtics and the Jazz left people injured and fans in an outrage. During the game, “the filmmaker was even struck blurring the camera from taking clear shots of the event”. ( Incidents of violence happen quite often, and can often be prevented. The different ways that the fans link their personalities to support the same team are similar to the writings of Karl Marx. These incidents between the fans and the games follow them for the rest of their lives. This is also true with writing created by Karl Marx. KARL MARX People from all over the world have different perceptions on events that happen around them. It is certain that each person in life will hold a different viewpoint then the person next to them. This is true for everything in life. The different perceptions that are shown from the players are similar to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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