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Of evaluate an event in the form of a - Case Study Example

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Case study of evaluate an event in the form of a case study Table of Contents Introduction 3 Part 1 3 Stakeholder’s role in Sport Tourism Sector 4 Contemporary Significance Analysis of Australian Open 5 Part 2 6 Several Issues that may affect the sustainability 6 Impact of Australian Open 7 Part 3 7 Ability to plan different Sport tourism Event 7 Importance of Factors related to timing, scale and location 8 Awareness of Resource Implication 9 Conclusion 10 References 12 Introduction Sports tourism sector is the fastest growing sector in the travel and tourism industry across the globe…
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Case study of evaluate an event in the form of a case study
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Download file to see previous pages This study will evaluate Australia-based sports event. The Australian Open is taken under consideration in this study as the event. This case study will analyze and evaluate the impact of Australian Open on the economy of the country. Moreover, this study will reveal the contribution of this sport event in the growth of sports tourism sector. Government and sports ministry of Australia, several stakeholders including national Tennis agencies, state government, several state tennis academies and institutes are considered as important resources of Australian Sport Tourism Industry. Part 1 There are several classifications of sport tourism in Australia. Australian sport tourism can be segregated into three parts, such as sport events tourism, active sport tourism, and celebrity and nostalgia sport tourism (Hinch and Higham, 2011, p.45). Australian Open can be considered under active sport tourism wherein the individuals or players participate in the sport events to win this prestigious Tennis Title. In Australian Open, greatest global tennis players come to Australia in the month of January. Australian Open is a popular sporting event that blends the enjoyment and fun of tennis with traditional cultural and social activities that celebrate the love of Australians. Australian Open gained huge popularity and acceptability across the globe. People of Australia love tennis and love to watch the Australian Open as all the popular global tennis players take part in this sporting event in order to win this tennis title. Every year the popularity and acceptance of Australian Open is significantly increasing at a constant rate. Economic development is the major consequence of this Australian Open. It is important for government, sports ministry and state or national tennis academies to develop future plan for this specific sporting event. Stakeholder’s role in Sport Tourism Sector Australian sport tourism sector is one of the major economic drivers. Australian Open is one of the popular sporting events in which leading global tennis players used to participate in order to win the prestigious Tennis Title. This Australian Open is one of the most significant tourism catalysts (Smith and Stewart, 2010, pp. 1-13). This sporting event attracts several global tennis lovers and spectators. Moreover, various scenic beauty and tourist spots forced the spectators to visit Australia. The country gets benefited in both ways. Ultimately, the revenue increases. It plays an important part in country’s development. There are several sport event organizations in Australia. Australian government and ministry of Sports developed Federal Sport Policy (McCabe, 2005, pp.85-106). This policy is delivered through a range of significant structure. It includes Anti-Doping Authority of Australian sports, Department of Ageing and Health and Australian Sport Commission. Australian Open is managed by the Tennis Australia. This organization is regulated by the sports ministry of the country. Government and sports ministry of Australia, several stakeholders including national Tennis agencies, state government, several state tennis academies and institutes are continuously trying to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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