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Career Design - Term Paper Example

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At work, values appear and define what are of most important for a person even in the achievement of his or her goals. It could be reflected in the way he achieves his goals as well…
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Career Design
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Download file to see previous pages person involved in politics, I learned that there are actually intangible matters that are important and of lesser importance than others such as fairness rather than status, respect rather than recognition, health rather than stability, freedom rather than security, honesty rather than influence, and so on. This means that there are many important matters in life but there is a need to streamline which of them are the personal choices of an individual in order for him to determine his choices of action.
4) Values Assessment + Values alignment Paper: In 750 words or less, describe the alignment between your values and your career choice. How has your career and the role(s) you play in your professional life reflected your core values and beliefs?
According to Cooper and Cottrell (2010), “Clearly articulating one’s professional purpose and professional values can clarify career direction as well as provide inspiration and ongoing career motivation…” (13). This means that in my choice of career, I have carefully balanced which are the most important values in my life and then made a career decision patterned after these values.
As a professional, often times, I encounter co-workers that seek help at the workplace but after evaluating my role and their own roles, I learn that there are workloads that I should accomplish, and there are also loads that they need to accomplish. By being fair to myself and to them, I did my best to accomplish all tasks expected of me. Where tasks under their responsibility were delegated to me, I reminded them that the details of the task specifically states that it was their responsibility and that it is expected that they deliver the tasks. In addition, by doing what are expected of me, I am being fair to my employers and my fellow employees.
I exercise respect towards all my colleagues and supervisors by avoiding rude speech and unacceptable actions such as letting them finish their message before bowing down to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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