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History 101 - Essay Example

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It was because of the Carolingian Dynasty that a portion of what was left of the Roman culture was carried over throughout the Medieval Ages and survived being lost in…
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History 101
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Download file to see previous pages Besides the Goths taking over the Roman Empire, and the Franks and Gauls rising up to form the Frankish Kingdom, Christianity was spreading quickly and had already permeated in Roman society and still survived even the fall of Rome. All of this resulted to the integration of various cultures and practices.
The Carolingian Dynasty was perhaps the earliest successful of a prosperous medieval kingdom. It was considered a model or example of how a successful merging of different cultures and practices can mix well to bring out a stable political structure, a flourishing society and a thriving intellectual atmosphere. This was all possible and caused by and during the rule of Charles the Great or Charlemagne.
The Carolingian period was stable in rule, but nothing really as compared with that of the Roman Empire’s political structure. While the Romans had their Caesars as absolute rulers and the Senators as representatives of the people as well as advisors to the Caesars, the Carolingian rulers formed what seemed to be a different form of government. What developed were kingdoms -- the king had to constantly move around his land in order to show and prove himself to his subjects (Kreis, “Charlemagne and the Carolingian Renaissance”). This of course was called the Feudal system, or Feudalism, in which the land was divided among the nobles in power who laid their allegiance to the king of the realm.
This was particularly very Gallic and Germanic influence because they did not maintain for the sole reason that Rome had built a government around the emperor and his elaborate and extensive administrative bureaucracy (Kreis). The Roman political structure relied on its efficient and effective system of political management to keep the state running properly. Proper protocol is followed among the hierarchy of powers, and the various political positions are there to check each other and maintain balance and order. The legal system, as well as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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History 101 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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