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Monaco - Research Paper Example

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Monaco is described as the world’s second smallest independent country, virtually bereft of natural resources, yet it has an international presence and is known for its national wealth. This small,…
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Extract of sample "Monaco"

Download file to see previous pages The political world is represented as contained by big nations, but there are a number of smaller states and territories (SSTs) with political and/or economic influence in the global political landscape (Paul: 1). Altogether there are 56 smaller nations and over 100 smaller territories that are controlled by larger states. A vast majority of SSTs are islands such as Fiji or Barbados. However, there are some states that are landlocked or surrounded by larger countries or located on the coastlines of larger states. These SSTs are countries such as Brunei or the Principality of Monaco (Paul:1) What separates Monaco from a majority of SSTs is that while many of these states recently enjoyed independence in the post-colonial era, Monaco has enjoyed seven centuries of independence (Paul: 1). Monaco also enjoys the distinction of having a forward economy and thus is an SST worthy of closer examination (Paul: 2).
This case study is organized and presented in six main parts. The six main parts are: geography, history, political system, economics, culture and tourism and gastronomy. In discussing each of these areas of the Principality of Monaco, a detailed country profile is created that provides an understanding of how and why, the world’s second smallest independent county has managed to secure a place of prominence in the international order.
Monaco is a sovereign nation located in the French Riviera (the south-eastern most portion of France, wherein the region is referred to as Côte dAzur in French and Còsta dAzur in Occitan, both of which translate into Azure Coast) at the foot of the Maritime Alps. Because of its location Monaco is bordered by France thrice over (to its north, south, and west), with what remains as its Mediterranean coastline, The city-state is notoriously small, being second only to The Vatican City at 1.9 km squared in surface area (King: 15).
As a city-state, Monaco is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Monaco Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 16250 Words.
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