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Domestic/Family Violence - Research Paper Example

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Holy Bible says Kane the elder son of Adam killed Abel his younger brother out of jealousy. The struggle for dominance or the battle of dominance can be witnessed at…
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Domestic/Family Violence
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Extract of sample "Domestic/Family Violence"

Download file to see previous pages Though most of the domestic abuse occurred between husband and wife, recent reports showed increasing trends in sexual abuse of children by their own parents. The domestic violence may result in physical assault, mental torture or verbal torture upon the victim. In most of the cases, the wife or the females and the children in the family are the major victims of domestic violence. This paper analyses evolution of family violence and the role of changing world in shedding more lights on this epidemic.
Earlier, most of the communities and cultures considered males as the dominant force in the society and the freedoms of women were limited. However, advancements in science and technology and better living standards resulted in the evolution of new concepts about our social life. The world becomes more and more civilized as time passes and it realizes its mistakes at present. Current society realized that the women are not secondary citizens and they have the equal rights and freedom just like the men. Women started to exhibit more interest in education and education helped them to realize their rights and the discrimination they were facing in social life. During the latter parts of the twentieth century, feminist movements were started to become more active and the efforts of these movements helped women to recognize the depth of discrimination they were facing in family and society. The increased awareness about human life and the importance of female life helped women to protest against the male domination in family which resulted in domestic violence.
Apart from dominating mentality of males over females, “environment, poor self esteem, addiction of drug or alcohol may also cause domestic violence” (Causes Of Domestic Violence). According to Edward et al (2004) “Guilt is usually more important than anger because guilt contributes directly to shame and low self esteem” (Edward et al, p.24). Husbands or wives, who have illegal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Domestic/Family Violence Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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