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You should have read the article: “The Aftermath of Crawford and Davis: Deconstructing the Sound of Silence.” How do you feel about mandatory arrest policies and no-drop prosecution policies? Do they help victims of domestic violence? Support your opinion with…
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Please leave questions on word document with answers below Article: “The Aftermath of Crawford and Davis: Deconstructing the Sound of Silence” You should have read the article: “The Aftermath of Crawford and Davis: Deconstructing the Sound of Silence.” How do you feel about mandatory arrest policies and no-drop prosecution policies? Do they help victims of domestic violence? Support your opinion with examples.
Mandatory arrests refers to any local laws and policies which dictates the police officers to make an arrest in response to domestic violence, taking into a general assumption that violence has occurred. The law does not put into consideration the initial wishes of the victim assaulted. Such laws simply increase the rates of the population that repeats the offensive practices. Such arrests do increase and escalate the probability of retaliation by the abusers having a history of violence, or to the unemployed victims with minimal losses during the arrest period. The policies fail to empower the survivors through discouraging them from police involvement. They results into ultimate increase in the number of women arrested, and sometimes cases of dual arrest, where the survivor and offender are taken to custody. The state will hence lay the blame game on the offender rather than victim. The laws are not well applicable, fails to implement the criminal justice law and discourage women from reporting any future violence act. Therefore, they fail to provide the ideal security to the victims undergoing through domestic violence.
2. Article: “Battered womens movement ideals and judge-led social change in domestic violence courts.”
After reading the article, respond to the following questions.
Explain the purpose of specialized courts. What are some of the positive and negative responses to having domestic violence courts? Which response do you more support? Why?
The specialized domestic violence courts response to domestic violence and other forms of sexual assault. Their core goal is to improve the safety of all the victims of domestic injustice and the sexually vulnerable people. They aim at enhancing accountability in the field of domestic violence, ensuring that there is justice and the rights of the victims are promoted. They do facilitate decision-making and conflict resolution in families. The courts do offer intensive domestic violence advantages. They ensure that the cases are coordinated well and ideal processes. They do promote a lot of confidence in the community since there is an accountability pattern. The court systems play the advocacy to the rights of the populations. The judges have an opportunity to deal with great different case of domestic violence. One shortcoming of the Court system is the violation of privacy of the parties involved. All the family conflicts are allayed in public. Read More
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