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Social Psychology and current event - Assignment Example

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Social Psychology and Current Event Name: Institution: Introduction Domestic violence and sexual assault is the principal focus of this psychology paper. This is a critical issue that has prevailed in society for a long time, even though it is rarely addressed publicly…
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Social Psychology and current event
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"Social Psychology and current event"

Download file to see previous pages Only superficial elements are observed, as the victims suffer behind the guise of relationships’ perfection (Rizo et al., 2011). Domestic aggression is an intricate issue and it can take place under diverse family settings and circumstances. The socio-psychological effects of domestic violence on involved parties are numerous and span over a long period of time. This paper give an in depth analysis of domestic violence, attempting to explicate the issue on the basis of social psychology concepts, incidence in the contemporary society, effects on people and potential solutions. Social Psychology Theories on Domestic Violence Exchange Theory This theoretical explanation of domestic violence suggests that, family members may opt for violent strategies to attain their objectives. This happens, as long as the expected gains outweigh the cost. For example a spouse may assault the other sexually, or violently abuse them in return for submissiveness of the victim, among other goals. Culture of Violence Theory This theory maintains that, certain societal groups usually develop cultural norms that emphasize and validate utilization of physical power, against a certain party. For instance, there are people who believe that physical violence is a disciplinary approach, thus passing on this perception from one generation to the next. Resource Theory This conceptual idea implies that, violence may occur when one person in a relationship contributes the greater portion of resources continually, thus assuming power. The power may make such an individual to beat up his or her spouse or even children, as a way of reminding them their position in the family unit. Patriarchal Theory The patriarchal theory is considered to be the most predominant theory explicating domestic violence. The theory indicates that men justify violence against children and women, as a way of preserving control and dominance. This theory posits that dominance can be attained through threats and coercion, like threatening to abandon the family, or in extreme cases, to commit suicide or take the children away. Other ways of gaining control include: use of intimidation, emotional abuse and isolation. While intimidation may take the form of property destruction and display of lethal weapons, emotional abuse could involve verbal abuse and humiliation. Isolation, on the other hand, may entail conveying threats to friends or family members, and controlling the victim’s affiliations. Social Learning Theory This concept suggests that, violence is learned by perpetrators from the people they look up to. This is shown by situations where individuals with a history of abuse repeat the same behavior in adulthood. These violent tendencies can be triggered by drug or alcohol abuse, financial constraints or tension in relationships. Current Event A recent unique case documented by a photojournalist, Sara Lewkowicz, shows that domestic violence is an issue of concern in the modern environment. The story revolves around a young mother of two, Maggie and her ex-convict boyfriend, Shane. Following his release, Shane moves in with Maggie, but they get into an argument after he flirts with a female patron in a club. The situation escalates when they get home, with Shane beating up Maggie to the extent of choking her in front of her daughter. Sarah documents all the events, and is shocked by Maggie’s reluctance to report the incident. This case is clearly affiliated to the patriarchal the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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