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Criminal Justice's View on Domestic Violence - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of this essay “Criminal Justice’s View on Domestic Violence” is to illustrate present roles of victims, suspects, prosecutors, and police officers. It explores the correlation between the decisions made by prosecutors and police about offense severity, punishment, and rehabilitation…
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Criminal Justices View on Domestic Violence
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Extract of sample "Criminal Justice's View on Domestic Violence"

Download file to see previous pages In clarifying what they regarded to be the differential treatment of public and private violence, feminist scholars have claimed that policing is not established by the law but that it functions within a discrepancy built by discretionary powers (Hoyle, 1998). Examining cultural explanations of police behavior, several have concentrated on ideas such as sexist attitudes, police misogyny, and the ‘worthy’ or ‘unworthy’ victims. The assumption, about police inefficiencies being caused by their apathy for such victims, has been very compelling that it has been recognized as a ‘fact’ (Dawson, 2004). A number of these investigations which have adopted a ‘gendered’ approach have disregarded other structural or cultural causes of police incompetence at the site of domestic conflicts, disregarding, as plain alibis, officers’ organizational or legal justifications for failing to take suspects into custody (Davis et al., 2007). In contrast, research on policing which have included a component of structuralism has added only a few instances of domestic crime within a larger group of other crimes. This may be due to the fact that domestic violence has been fairly downgraded from ‘conventional’ studies of the police and considered as a feminist concern (Davis et al., 2007): a concern which it is merely ‘justified’ to view from a ‘gendered’ point of view.
Police rules on domestic violence are founded upon the assumption that laws, and a productive utilization of police resources, can safeguard women from potential violence. They arose from a feminist condemnation of the police ineffectiveness in protecting women. Thus, the belief is that the police have the capability if guided and helped to do so, safeguarding people from crime (Dawson, 2004). Not merely is this unfounded, but it is founded on an erroneous theory of what policing is about. The assumption that policing can be regulated by policies and laws is founded on a core belief that policing is chiefly about fighting crime and that this is attained by law enforcement. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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