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Child Abuse, family abuse, domestic violence - Book Report/Review Example

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SHOT IN THE HEART Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Abstract Though written in a tone of its own kind which makes the story more of a riddle than a reality, the composition by Mikal Gilmore is one great piece that has so much to reveal about the connection between one’s own experience at childhood and the person that he/she becomes as a grown up…
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Child Abuse, family abuse, domestic violence
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Download file to see previous pages Though told through the eyes of an observer and an actor, the story reveals what the fathers sins as well as the mothers omissions brought about through the house of violence, cruelty as well as pain. The weight of the story in search of truth becomes more real in that it is told through the eyes of a real brother to Gary who becomes the subject of the story. Unlike the case with the other versions of the story as written and told by others, the story by Mikal points to the painful reality that the young boys had learnt to live with that their family represented hell by having close relations endearing to cause harm to the very people they ought to have protected or taken care of. The story unfolds through childhood memories where Gilmore being the youngest in the family would love to play with his elder siblings just as other kids would. In such a fateful day as he recalls, he persuaded his brothers to involve him in a darts game in which he was persuaded to play the ‘darts board’. In spite of understanding, the high risk that he was exposed to, his elder brothers proceeded with the game where he records how the three brothers faired in the game. He recalls that Franks dart didn’t hit him but fell some inches from his shoe, Gaylens dart equally never hit him but was much closer than the previous one while Gary managed to rightfully aim and hit through his brother’s toe (Morrison, 1994). Gary grew to become a re-known murderer after murdering two Mormons within consecutive nights. Gaylen became a drunkard through which he sustained serious stab wounds, which resulted to his death while Frank ended up as a recluse. The story paints Mikal as having had the benefit of being brought up in seclusion from the environment in which his other brothers were brought up, a fact that is pointed to have saved his life and character. Mikal grew to become a journalist with the Rolling Stone, a career that blossomed commendably. However, Mikal narrates the ‘Shot in the heart’ story in pain after looking at the great futures that his own brothers held through the photographs taken in the old age and considering the fateful conditions in which his brothers lived in. This story is therefore written in complete pain by a bereaved, obsessive as well as heartbroken Mikal whose main intention is in understanding the root cause of the fate of the only family he knew a his own. This is therefore a story not written for the purpose of self-consolation but on the contrary, it is a written research on the genesis to the misery lived in the writer’s family. More precisely, Mikal is tracking back the point in time in which his brother Gary turned into the serial killer he ended up being, and which resulted to his death. In the search therefore, the story takes Gilmore far way back to the early childhood stories as were narrated to them by their parents, and more so the mother. The mother’s tales would date back as far as the time of the birth of Mormon religion and the remembrance brings him to one particular of such tales given by their mother. In the story, Gilmore’s mother would recall how at a very tender age she was forced to watch a memorable execution. This happened in Utah and according to the mother; she ought not to have watched as she blames it on her condition as being highly superstitious, morbid as well as ghost tormented. It is while running away ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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