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My interest in education began in high school when I realized that I enjoyed aspects of school, including the cooperative classroom…
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Career counseling/career assessment project
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"Career counseling/career assessment project"

Download file to see previous pages After two years in college, I took time off and worked as a substitute teacher. During my time as a substitute teacher I was able to work in a variety of scholastic environments and gain a strong perspective on the relation between socio-economics and education in over fifty schools and all grade levels. I then returned to college and received my degree in education. Following graduation I went to work at an elementary school teaching 5th grade. I remained in this position for a number of years, but have come to question if this grade or career is the best suited to my abilities and interests.
One of the career models that I have applied to my own career development is that of Hansens Integrative Life Planning Model. This strength of this approach is that it examines life planning issues not simply in terms of one paradigmatic perspective, but incorporates a holistic approach that considers elements of mind, body, and spirit (Niles, & Harris-Bowlsbey, 2008). In these regards Hansen states that one of the central tasks individuals must accomplish is, “weaving our lives into a meaningful whole” (Hansen, as cited in Niles, & Harris-Bowlsbey, pg. 85). In terms of my own career development I believe that Hansens Integrative Life Planning Model is particularly suited to offering insight into the reasons behind my motivation in pursuing this mode of career development. I believe a significant limitation of certain career models are their over-emphasis on aspects specifically related to the career, when in reality the career decision process requires one consider life choices from a holistic perspective. In terms of my choices to pursue a career in education I believe my decision was motivated as it occupied not simply a financial means for subsistence, but also a life meaning. In choosing education I realized that I would be helping individuals in significant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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