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Case 2: Organizational Diagnosis, SLP:Time Warp - Essay Example

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This paper aims at discussing a few important diagnosis models and to analyse which one of these will be most beneficial for Palm…
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Case 2: Organizational Diagnosis, SLP:Time Warp
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Download file to see previous pages Burke explains that these are the main benefits of using the organisational diagnostic models. The following sub sections provide an overview of the various models.
The 7s Model was developed by McKinsey and company and this method is based on seven main variables, i.e. structure, strategy, systems, skills, style, staff, and shared values. This model has proved to be very effective as it helps in reaching out to seven different areas which help the organisations benefit and make better overall decisions. The main drawback if this model is the lack of focus on other decision making variables which leaves the decision making inconsistent and incomplete in some areas.
This model has been developed based on creating a fit in the components of the system. Here this method can prove a resemblance between the systems parts and here the organisation can display the levels of similarity and congruence. This method is very beneficial as it considers the links between the paired fits and this helps the companies gain a better idea of the consequences that gains fit or lack of fits. This helps in development of stronger organisation decision making (Jones and Brazzel).
This method has been developed by Galbraith, and the model focuses on the five main areas, i.e. strategy, structure, processes, reward systems and people policies. This method is extremely beneficial as it considers organisational designs based on organisational charts and focuses on the right people at the right positions (Star Model). This helps in development of the organisations to a great extent. However one of the main drawbacks of the model is that it focuses on the logic and lacks a strong connection to the empirical foundation.
The Socio Technical systems model looks a little complicated however the model is straightforward with a clear and well planned out categories, linkages and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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