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Health Promotion Theory - Essay Example

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Community health nursing caters to the needs of the community, within the boundaries of the community. It helps the individuals in the community function socially,…
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Health Promotion Theory
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"Health Promotion Theory"

Download file to see previous pages Women’s and men’s health is also part of community nursing because community nursing seeks to deliver health services to all members of the community – men and women included. It caters to the needs of these men and women as members of the community, and most especially, within their families and in relation to the roles they play within their family and community (Lundy, Lundy, & Janes, 2009). Community health nursing focuses on health promotion and prevention at its most basic level, and involving each member of the community. It seeks to establish caring relationships with the different members of the community, based on a larger and more interactive community context. Based on such general functions and relationships, this paper shall discuss the role of the community health nurse in men and women’s health. More specifically, it shall identify the action areas as outlined in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion and discuss, through examples, how these are applied within men’s and women’s nursing practice. It shall attempt to discuss community health nursing and its applications to the roles which men and women play in the community and in their families. This study is being undertaken in an effort to come up with a comprehensive and scholarly understanding of community health nursing.
The different action areas identified in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, as confirmed by the Jakarta Declaration on Leading Health Promotion into the 21st Century include actions: to build healthy public policy, to strengthen community action; to develop personal skills; to create supportive environments for health; and to reorient health services towards preventing diseases and promoting health (WHO, 2010). First and foremost, men’s and women’s health can be strengthened through community action. At the very center of this action is the empowerment of communities – giving them “ownership and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Health Promotion Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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