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Comparing germany sertiotypes with america - Essay Example

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Stereotype may be defined as generalization about a group of people. The five stereotypes about Germans that I believe to be true and admire are as follows:
Most of these traits are quite opposite to…
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Comparing germany sertiotypes with america
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Download file to see previous pages German women are completely different from American women because American women are very conscious about their weight and are usually on diet where as women in Germany enjoy all kinds of food and love meat. I think that American life is very complicated while the life in Germany is simple and easy. People in America are constantly trying to climb the corporate ladder and become career oriented from a very small age. In my opinion people in Germany are a little more relaxed and live a simple life compared to Americans. I also believe that Germans are more serious than Americans. American humor is usually very offensive (Dudden), and mostly includes ridiculing a groups of people where as the humor of Germans is more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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