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Interview student from Russia - Article Example

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I interviewed a student from Russia. His name is Andrey Kashaev, 20. He is from Saratov, Russia, he studies at Saratov State University, at the department of linguistics. He came to our city to see Roger, his pen-friend from the US. My first question was rather obvious:
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Interview student from Russia
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Download file to see previous pages These are special workshops, where we meet together and discuss current issues. I try to visit as many activities as possible, for example, we have workshops on politics, economics, films and music, literature. During our last meeting (before I went to the US) we discussed the perspective of the European Union and the results of referendums in France and the Netherlands. As for me, I think, this idea has always been a bit artificial, it doesn't bring much profit comparing with the money that is spent to support it, look at the Euro, its strength won't last for long. But that is only my opinion. I am to prove it, I have to write an essay with my ideas.
- In the beginning of the 90s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was felt lack of finance in education, while in the US there was much attention paid to it. In the Soviet Union education was free; nowadays we have an alternative, whether to study at the state or private (which means one is to pay much for it) school, college, university. By the way, the same situation is in the sphere of medicine.
- Officially, yes, but the waiting list would be very long, so, most probably, you wouldn't need any medical treatment already. That's why unofficially you have to give money to doctors or buy medicines. Then, speaking about the system of education, as for me, I study at the State University for free and even get a scholarship, but there are students who pay for their studies and these sums are really large, so, I'm afraid, higher education is not available for everyone.
- In the US you have the opportunity to decide by yourself whether to study only or to work or combine your job with studies at the college or university. I think, that working while studying is very important because it is a good training and experience.
- In Russia education is compulsory only for first eight classes, then you can go to work, if you want to enter the university, you are to study for two more years, and then try to pass your exams for higher education. I try to combine studies and job, though sometimes it causes problems either at the University of at work...
- Let's talk about everyday life in Russia. In what ways is it interesting or strange Is it harder or easier for an average citizen in financial aspect, for example Is it hard for you, in particular
- Yes. I understand. In Western countries there are very many stereotypes about Russia: that its whole population consists either of starving alcoholics or gangsters (or gangsters-alcoholics). But fortunately it is not so. Believe me. Of course, there are gangsters, like in any country - in big cities it can be rather dangerous to appear in the street late at night. As for vodka, it is still a problem, especially in the countryside, because people can't find job there, the Soviet system of kolkhoz and sovkhoz (farms which belong to the state) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Interview Student from Russia Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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