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Individual English Language Learner - Essay Example

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According to the report, my interviewee’s name is Oyla Macgill. She’s a 20-year-old student studying Public Relations at Jordanstown University. She currently lives in Ballymena but is a native of Belarus, which is situated between Poland and Ukraine…
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Individual English Language Learner
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Extract of sample "Individual English Language Learner"

Download file to see previous pages She can still speak Russian fluently but forgets how to write some of it as she rarely reads any Russian books. Oyla picked up her early vocabulary from common things such as food, films, household appliances, magazines, and music. Celebrities also helped her learn English by reading magazines that published stories about them. She also acquired English words from listening to her favorite American music. Oyla displayed a strong desire to learn the language. Reading books and completing English exercises helped her lean a bit of English before she started school. She found books helped her with grammar but listening to people talk helped her to understand how to say words. Oyla enjoyed school and believed going there was the best way to learn the English language. She found it the best method of learning the language because she wanted to understand what everyone else in her class was saying. She didn’t want to be left out. Now, as a university student, Oyla is aware that she needs to stay more diligent in acquiring English. Not only is everything around her in English – the people, the places, the classes she was taking – but she is also taking up Public Relations. Her major entails conversing and interacting with different kinds of people. She has to be articulate and confident.
While she was learning English she came across a few difficulties. She found using different verbs confusing such as begin – began. It took her a while to understand when to use which verb and with what word. The use of “a” and “the” was hard as well because, in Russia, she didn’t have to put auxiliary words in front of main words. It was just the main words put together. The varied accents were difficult for her, too. Also, people spoke fast and used made-up slang English. She found it odd that when one goes to a town 10 minutes down the road from another town the people talked with completely different accents.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Individual English Language Learner Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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