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Praise and Regular Monitoring of Knowledge to Test Individual Progress in Learning English - Essay Example

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The paper "Praise and Regular Monitoring of Knowledge to Test Individual Progress in Learning English" offer public recognition of the student's outstanding abilities and appraisal to achieve his positive reinforcement, tests on a weekly basis, using of checklists and the scoring rubrics drills…
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Praise and Regular Monitoring of Knowledge to Test Individual Progress in Learning English
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Download file to see previous pages The key differences between the earliest and subsequent linguistic learning are apparent. First language learning is a natural process that allows children to acquire and extend the linguistic comprehension of their environment. However, second language learning is a deliberate pursuit, in which mature individuals partake for many reasons. Moreover, children who learn their first language have a natural advantage. For instance, these children acquire their first language using their intuition through a Language Acquisition Device (LAD). Variably, mature individuals have no second chance of learning a language in a natural manner.
Consequently, learning the first language is part of a child’s cognitive maturity, which enables the youngster to acquire syntax in an unconscious manner. However, by the time an individual seeks to learn a succeeding language, the individual learns the syntax in a conscious manner. Instead, they have to embrace extra unnatural techniques in order to acquire competence in their second language. In addition, the first language facilitates the ability of its learners to focus on advanced levels of grammaticality in second language learning. Therefore, subsequent language learners have the ability to manipulate their understanding of grammar using the competency of their first language.
Consequently, the dissimilarity between the two languages emanates from the fact that there is more time spent on learning the foremost language because children learn through constant imitation. The learning of a second language takes a shorter time because, during that time, the mature individual has exemplary mastery skills. Moreover, in the first language learning, there is guaranteed access to native speakers. Consequently, these native speakers influence the quick mastery of the language. There is no guarantee of native speakers in the learning of the second language. According to Towel and Hawkins, first language learning has close links with a child’s genetic setup while the second language has no such ties (92). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Praise and Regular Monitoring of Knowledge to Test Individual Progress Personal Statement.
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