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Program Evaluation Paper Part 3 - Essay Example

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One of these criteria is how data will be collected. In this regard, it is necessary for data collection processes to be easy to do but at the same time…
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Program Evaluation Paper Part 3
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Download file to see previous pages If a kid weighs 40.55 pounds, this weight figure will be rounded off to the nearest tenth of a pound, which will make the childs weight as 40.6 pounds. If the child had weighed 40.54 pounds, then the weight measurement will be recorded as 40.5 pounds. This is an example of how data collection can influence the program evaluation plan by making the collection of kids measurements easier to do but without compromising its accuracy.
The program evaluation itself is a mixed method, meaning it will use both quantitative and qualitative ways of gathering the data. Getting the exact weight measurements of the kids is part of the qualitative process of data gathering while using open-ended surveys in the form of a questionnaire will form the qualitative part of the data collection process. For this part of the data collection which is the qualitative part, it is important that the observations by parents and teachers are made honestly and describes in full detail what they had observed in the kids behavior. If they found out kids are more active after eating their fruits, for example, then it must be described in a meaningful way such as using an increasing scale, with 1 as the lowest and 10 as the highest so this will give the researchers a good idea of how active they were.
The programs overall integrity will be evaluated based on the way data is collected and how reliable the data will be. This will greatly determine whether the program is a good one or needs some revisions based on the difficulty or ease of getting all the necessary data. It is at this point when the programs researchers can have a good idea on the probable outcome of their research project because data collection is the very heart of the research study itself. It will determine whether the entire project will be successful or not because on implementation aspects of the program such as the aforementioned data collection procedures.
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Program Evaluation Paper Part 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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