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Health Program Evaluation - Case Study Example

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Ben a professor in Health Sciences and an author of several articles and publications, advices one of wards, a graduate student to present a paper to a conference. He suggests to Alyssa, his ward that in case she is unable to attend the presentation he can do it himself as he will be there in the presentation…
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Health Program Evaluation Case Study
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Extract of sample "Health Program Evaluation"

Download file to see previous pages The situation Alyssa is in is actually a situation many writers face especially when they are presenting papers for presentations in seminars or going for publications. This entire dilemma Alyssa is in is possibly because of improper communication between her and her professor regarding the nuances of article writing and publications.
The problem rose primarily because of poor and insufficient information given to Alyssa by her professor regarding writing papers and the implications involved in writing. Initially when he prompted her to write a paper he has to tell her unless his name is included as a co author he cannot represent her in the seminar because being the author she alone reserves and since she is sponsored by an external agency in funding the project she has get their acceptance in including his name as a co author.
Also after receiving the work drafts produced by Alyssa the professor has made no attempt to look into them and offer any suggestions for improvement. The problem as can be clearly seen from the case is his lack of involvement in guiding his ward carry out the task. Right from the identification of sponsor for funding to preparing the research paper she has carried out all the tasks by herself.
The professor has shown the positive intention ...
However it can never be understood is why he failed to communicate the fact that she needs to include him as a co author.
Also he did not make any attempt to help her in conducting the research study or in arranging funding necessary for the study in way of arranging a sponsor. These actions are clearly indicating his lack of confidence in Alyssa and her research capabilities. Also he did not make any attempts in improving Alyssa's work through suggestions; another indication that he is not expecting Alyssa's work is going to be chosen for presentation.
When Alyssa came to him stating that she has received an invitation for participation in the conference it must have surprised him as well. However he understood he cannot represent her because she never mentioned his name as a co author. All this has led to a situation where there is a limited scope or opportunity for both Ben and Alyssa to act the other way.
Alyssa's possible actions:
As discussed already the scope for Alyssa to act the other way were slim because of Ben's miscommunication. However the possible actions which can be taken by Alyssa in the present situation were discussed below.
Scope for Ben attending the seminar as Alyssa's Co author:
In case Alyssa wants Ben to attend the seminar on her behalf on the condition that she accepted him as her co author and intimate the program authorities regarding the change then she comes across a problem of copy right because inorder to conduct the research work an external agency has funded her and she has to obtain the agency's permission to include him as a co author.
Scope for Alyssa in attending the seminar herself:
It makes interesting reading to suggest the possibility of Alyssa attending the seminar all by herself. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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